Great Alternative Keyword Tool to Google Keyword Tool

Everyone is pretty much relies heavily on Google Keyword Tool (previous version) or now known as Google Keyword Planner. Playme AR is no different from others as we use a different variety of keyword tools to better position or get a birds eye view of the whole picture. I’m not saying relying on many is a good way to increase your keyword reach. It’s all down to good content and proper keyword positioning. Much of the heydays of Google Keyword Tool allow users to do much more with it and is a great free tool for much marketers but right now with its less functionality Google Keyword Planner, leaves people looking for alternatives or even using a few tool to bridge that missing elements offered by Google Keyword Tool.

Keyword research are important for making sure the content created are targeted to the right people with the right keyword. Missing this element can cost marketers by not generating the much wanted traffic when you dont include the right words or phrases that most people are searching for.

These are some of the many keyword tool we used to proper position We’ve split them into Free & Paid section for easy viewing.

  1. Google Keyword Planner (Free) – A big chunks of our keyword ideas are consists of keyword by Google, (as seen as the more popular search engine). It not only recommends keywords based on the keyword you entered it also has a traffic estimator feature which shows estimated bid prices and ad clicks for AdWords ad hence you need to register for an adwords account in order to utilize this keyword tool. It allows you to check for “exact match”, “phrase match” or even a “broad match”.
  2. Bing Keyword Research (Free) – The rival in everything Google does, it does almost the same thing as Google Keyword Planner does, but an extra feature is that it gives you a $100 credit on search advertising on Yahoo! Bing Network.
  3. Keywordtool Dominator (Free & Paid) – provides results from Google, eBay, Bing, Amazon and Google Products.
  4. Übersuggest (Free) – Übersuggest gives you a wide range of keyword suggestions and it also includes the top 10 and the ones that begin with each letter of the alphabet. 
  5. WordStream (Free) – This is one for those that are more focused on long-tails and it provides the latest and most relavant long-tail suggestions for your keyword from their database of trillons entries.
  6. (Free) – is a new tool that i personally like to use, why because it helps you to find keywords that people are typing into google search box. Another reason would be its 750 generated keywords in ordered format.

  7. Long Tail Pro (Paid) – Long Tail Pro would be the paid version of the which helps you find long-tail keywords and it also has a feature to search the keyword competitiveness. It has a lifetime license costs of $97, while additional optional features are available for $17 per month.
  8. Ispionage (Paid) – Ispionage is a competitors keyword research tool. Their price starts at $59 per month.
  9. Wordtracker (Paid) – Wordtracker is quite common and it helps you track high-performing keywords which are gathered from customers who are ready to buy. It is highly valuable to website that has a product or services to sell and able to convert. Prices start at $69 per month.
  10. Moz Keyword Analysis tool (Paid) – Moz is a well established service that gives you the top 10 websites ranking for your keyword/s and its Competitive keyword analysis metrics show you where a competitor is ready to be bumped out and swap out with your keyword. Prices start at $99 per month with the Moz premium membership.
  11. SEMrush (Paid) – This tool provides you information about your competitors’ organic and paid keywords. Prices start at $69.95 per month, or $79.95 for one month.

This are some of the tools we’ve found and regularly used in conjunction with Google Keyword Planner. Feel free to share your tools and ideas as well!