Managing projects are a pain for most people.

Project managers have to juggle a lot to ensure projects are organized whether it is a one man show or managing a group effort.  Sometimes its a wrestle to ensure multiple projects are ongoing at the optimum levels and when management goes wrong it can cost productivity and efficiency. With today’s technology, developers are innovating softwares, tools and hacks to help you organize your projects.

So below are 10 Tools to help boost project management whether at work or home. Some are used by big corporations to handle transnational team projects while other can be used for school planning and parties.

courtesy of CleverCupcakes

Courtesy of CleverCupcakes

Project Management Tools

  • HomeRoutines – Home dwellers with a full time employment and the trend of having both spouses having a full time day jobs makes daily routines at home easier and manageable than having too many focus on many aspects of the house, bills to pay, lawn to mown, baby to take care and much more. It gets more difficult when you have toddlers running around the house making more to clean up and take care. A weekly to-do list can grow into a huge mountain of impossible task when combined at the end of every weekend. Introducing you the HomeRoutines that allows you to stay on task without worrying or even keeping track of lost to-do list papers and notes which might end up you forgetting the coat that you didn’t picked up for tomorrow’s meeting.  Users can select many aspects such as daily focus, weekly or even a sets of zone for each week of the month. Give it a try and it might just save you some headache!
  • Declutter by boxing – A great tip for those that seems to always pile up junks by the end of every month. Whether it is letters, magazines, newspapers, or even our very own email inbox! This is a discipline tip/tool that can help you out in decluttering your desk/inbox/home. Prepare a box for all unimportant stuff that usually piles up and by the end of the month check it out before throwing or recycling them. This is the same with the inboxs, clean the inbox by pushing the unimportant ones into the thrash can and at the end of every month checking it out for semi-important and the rest is chucked away. This is a traditional project management self-hack.
  • Famjama – Are you experiencing organising hell, not anymore with the Famjama online organiser. It is a smart mobile site that allows users to use it from both Android or iOS. Therefore you can stay organized with whatever devices you and your family members are attached with. The app allows you to assign roles to family members or friends so that everyone can access the site and manage things. Most of the time it allows proper delegating the chores and to-do lists allowing users to keep to it in a connected way.
  • Snapguide – Ever wonder how others did that beautiful shelf, or the time where you saw someone build their own “L” shaped working desk and much more DIY hacks they achieved? With Snapguide you are able to properly follow guides from fellow successful DIY-ers and with the implementation of photos and videos of the projects your are encouraged to pursue that DIY made shelf! Whether it is for food, beauty, or home it is all available at the comfort of your smartphones.
  • Houzz – This is something i like, interior designs! Houzz is a platform to browse and save beautiful home photos. The place to gather the right inspiration and construction professionals contacts to make those designs possible. It does not only serve as a place to connect with other home design enthusiasts but also with home improvement professionals and enthusiasts. All around the world and with 20 million strong members. Its a great tool for that renovation you’ve procrastinated so long.


Courtesy of Kirill Kedrinski
Courtesy of Kirill Kedrinski

Project Management Tool

  • Trello – “Trello is an online tool for managing projects and personal tasks. That may sounds rather prosaic. But this increasingly popular app often inspires the sort of passion usually reserved for consumer apps like Pinterest or Instagram. It’s the kind of business software that slips into businesses through the backdoor, just because individual employees like how it works.” (Techcrunch)
  • Podio – If your on the go almost most of the time then podio is a great tool for you. It allows users to view all of their task in one place with their software running on almost all platform from desktop, mobile to tablet. Their features allows you to create workspaces where you can mark off completed tasks, assign projects, share files and even auto-generate comments between teammates. Non-developers rejoice as Podio has a drag-and-drop feature that saves time and allow personal customization. It only $9 per user per month. Cheap for an all-in-one project management tool for small firms.
  • Flow – One summary of how flow is to users. Simplicity. Having lots of features are one thing, getting things done without the hassle of learning the loads of features softwares have, Flow definitely is the one to go for simple interface. This allows managers to assign, organize and prioritize tasks and at the same time control who can see what. This allow outside freelancers to get access to the team’s project pipeline while being limited to their own tasks. Flow is able to schedule and best of all it has a month view interface to plan things out.
  • PlanetSoho – PlanetSoho started out to serve the small business owners and freelancers with a proper business all-in-one solution system for them to freely run their business and not worry bout the paperworks. It has a 14-day trial and covers business owners from filling, drafting, and auto-sending online invoices. They will also send paper invoices if thats the method you prefer.  The company software also has a project management, inventory system control, customer relationship management (CRM), email and much more. This is truly a one-stop business system for one-man entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Well this is the end, we hope you guys enjoy this article and if there’s any other tools feel free to share with us in the comments below.