Oh just look at the time… It’s almost lunch time!

There are times that we always complain about lack of time and wished we had more than just 24 hours. Especially those stressful moments when you had too much workload and there are several tasks that you need to settle for the upcoming deadline?

Or you did wondered that you can use your time effectively to complete your task without stressing over too much?

Now where is my 'stress' button...

Now where is my ‘stress’ button…

Actually, there are tonnes of methods to manage your time effectively. If you could manage your time well, you can really, really reduce your stress levels; and sometimes it even boost your productivity due to reduced stress!

Time management is a skill that everyone can learn and improve; the learning process it varies among people due to different methods/styles they approach when learning something new. It is the same as for you; find out what is the best way to learn and improve your skills!

Here are the 10 ways to improve time management skills that you can employ to manage your time effectively and increase your productivity as well.

1. Delegate Tasks:


Delegate your tasks; you will be thankful for that.

Sometimes, we tend to take up tasks that are beyond our capabilities; this eventually leads to stress and burnouts for not being able to execute the tasks effectively.

No, delegation is not running away from your responsibilities but rather, it allows you to pick up your own tasks based on your own and your co-workers’ strengths and weaknesses. This allows everyone to work on their tasks effectively and efficiently; which in turn, reduces everybody’s stress as well!

2. Prioritize Work:


Put aside low priority tasks, focus on important ones first.

Before you start off your day, write up a list of things that requires the most attention and those which are less of a priority. This way, you can focus on some top priority tasks that needs to be completed within a day; as the low priority ones can consume much of your valuable time and those can be pushed to the next day.

3. Avoid Procrastination:


Fine, I better do my work now or I won’t get it done anytime soon.

Well this might be obvious, but we tend to procrastinate at times and is bad for productivity.

Avoid procrastination at all cost since it really wastes precious time and energy; not only it poses a major problem on your carrier, it can also affect your personal life as personal tasks will get delayed indefinitely with zero progress.

4. Schedule Tasks:


Schedule your tasks so you’ll have a plan to follow.

It might sound tedious, but it actually helps since you’ll have a plan to follow.

It is best that you carry a planner, a notebook, or even use your smartphone! With that, you can easily list down any tasks that comes into your mind; at anytime and anywhere you want! For starters, you can write up a simple “to do” list before starting off your day also do keep in mind that those tasks are realistic and achievable.

From there, you can start sorting out tasks based on priority/importance and this method would be much effective if you can split the tasks based on work, home and personal stuffs.

5. Avoid Stress:


Take your time off a little while, your body and mind will thank you.

Stress, something that we face everyday; it gradually worsens if you take up more work that is beyond you abilities. This will tax up not just your mind, but your body as well; which in turn, affects your productivity.

What can you do about it? Well, you can delegate those tasks to your juniors and take some time off to release your steam of stress. Your mind and body will appreciate it and this will most likely restore your productivity levels.

6. Set Up Deadlines:


What? Tomorrow is the deadline already?

If you have any tasks to do, set up a realistic deadline and go for it! This will make you challenge yourself and bring the best out of you in order to meet the deadline. If you achieved a difficult challenge, reward yourself and you would feel like an achiever; which in turn makes you feel more motivated to complete other tasks!

In my personal experience, this really motivates me to do my work at my best. Without realistic deadlines, I tend to procrastinate more; which reduces my productivity.

7. Avoid Multitasking:


Great, now things are geting messy.

We always thought that multitasking would enable us to complete more tasks within a time frame. While this might be true on theory, but in reality, that just won’t work – it might even worsen the productivity values!

Back to square one by focusing and concentrate all your work on a single task; you’ll tend to do better with it without distractions or worries that – which definitely hamper your productivity.

8. Start Early:


Start your day early and get going!

Remember the proverb “the early bird catches the worm”? It applies in productivity matters too! When you start of your day, your mind tends to be calm, clear-headed and creative at the same time! Take advantage of this situation by thinking and planning what should you do for the rest of the day.

When the day goes on (especially after you had lunch!), the energy level tends to fall down; make you feel drowsy and less effective in thinking and executing your tasks – you’ll not be performing as well as during the morning. So yes, avoid starting your day late and plan ahead during your mornings for better productivity.

9. Take Some Breaks:


Now if I can just take my break near at the beach..

As mentioned at point number 5, stress really takes a toll on your mind and body; which reduces your productivity.

Find yourself some 10-15 minutes and take a break from your work. Some of the best stress relieving methods are: perform some quick stretches, talk a walk and listen to some relaxing music. You can even chat with your co-workers, friends or your family but don’t take too much of your time though; that would be counter-productive instead.

10. Learn to say No:


No, I won’t keep calm at all.

Admit it, sometimes we fear negative things might happen during work if you refuse additional tasks.

It is okay to refuse additional tasks if you already have tonnes of work that you’ll have to deal with. Just politely refuse the extra tasks and they will understand if you have tonnes of work to do.

To determine either you can take up extra tasks; check out your “to do” list (you should be making one already!) before agreeing to do so – this will result in less stress since you don’t have too much work in your hands.


Good luck and have fun on improving your time management skills!

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