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20 Digital Marketing Tools that helps Online Marketers

Digital Marketing is very rooted into online businesses and to the businesses that rely heavily on online for revenue and business. We’ve break this article into 3 parts that allows easier tools for online marketers or even any individual marketers from home that needs that extra tools to help enhance their online business.  We will focus on 3 main core ideas we believe is essential for everyone to start first with online marketing.

3 Categories:

• Email Marketing

• Content Curation

• Content Creation

• Keyword Research

• Website Analytics Tool

Each category has 3 tools Playme AR team personally tried, heard reviews from first-hand clients or testimonials from others. We hope you can use them to further improve your business anid also to engage  in the online world more effectively. We shall start with the first category that we felt is very important to us and top the list. *The order does not signify importance*


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still one of the best targeted platform to reaching out to clients and also businesses that can amass huge lists of very targeted and passionate emails (users) usually command a high converting sales rate due to the lists being very interested in the solution/product. Email Marketing is used in everyday life and with the age of mobile and internat chat apps such as FB Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber and many more Email Marketing still hold a huge deal since the first email was sent in 1971.

1. MailChimp

MailChimp has come a long way since its inception years back fighting in the email marketing space with players such as GetResponse, Aweber and many more. Today it is one of the most advance email marketing platform on the market. MailChimp’s ease of use and also simple platform struct allows amateur email maketers to get it up and running within 10 minutes.

2. Emma

While MailChimp is a very DIY email marketing system, Emma (abbreviation for email marketing) wants to make sure your always well covered with their known very amazing customer service. They are known for the fact they will assist you hands-on and is very good for busy or new email marketers!

3. Marketo

More advance email marketers should be familiar with Marketo, a platform that allows users to combine email into their entire automated marketing campaigns and also email marketing is not to be considered as the only part of a whole strategy as it is by itself a delicate strategy. Marketo is one of the few platforms that unify all marketing channels.


Content Creation

Content is king, everyone know that it is important but whats more interesting is how do you come out with content? Beautiful as well to be able to share with your fans and followers. There are so many formats for content creators to go with such as infographics, blogs, videos and graphics. The biggest dilemma many face is missing one of the other elements. One can have a great blog but measly looking graphics which turn off readers. Thats why we decided to list our top favorites in this list.

4. Canva

This is an amazing web-based design tool that allows any average joe to create unique images to share on their blogs, social network, website, and more! Canva is very intuitive and allow users to create completely unique images from nothing or to improve self-uploaded photos. Its stock photos are available for only $1 a piece. Handy tool for social media images to use its ready made templates.

5. Piktochart

Another great web-based design tool is Piktochart which allow users to easily create beautiful infographics with exciting database of designs and items. The visual makes it much easier to add and edit statistical information and without worrying about design and time-consuming communication with designers.

6. Shakr

Video creation can never be easier with Shakr, a web-based video editing tool with categorical themes and templates readily available for you to add photos and scenes into the moving templated videos. This is helpful to create a more engaging content and make them easily available through your social media, blog and much more!


Content Curation

Information, Content, A grade insights… An experience content creator will share the pain of always having to find time and to create exceptional content at almost most of the time. It is always best to have a few site of content curation tools or websites to help fill in some moment of blankness.

7. Feedly

There is so many blogs, websites, news and person to follow that it makes it hard to keep track all of them in your bookmark. Feedly makes it easy by allowing you to follow those sites and get all content in one single platform. They have many other categories and you can sort them out accordingly to their industries and niches. A must have.

8. allows you to easily find and share amazing & relevant content to your social networks, blogs and lots more! This saves time for you to find and also going back to our many social media pages to share. allows you to find months of great work in a short time and easily share to your networks without much hassle.

9. Pocket

Pocket is another crowd favorite for marketers that are always on the go and need to consume content during transit. Pocket is a great place to start and collecting your content to use and share later. Pocket are able to keep interesting articles, images and videos in one place for later reference. Pocket is available as a standalone app that fits in your phone which allows more accesibility on mobile.


Keyword Research Tool

10. SEMRush

Yes, now i know why my competitors got that rank higher than me. SEMRush allows users to check what their competitors are ranked for and additional information for the search. This is also #1 for Playmear to find some cheeky keywords to get rank by.

11. Google Keyword Planner

Formerly known as Google Keyword Tool, now it is a called Google Keyword Planner, which allows you to find seed keywords and phrases for your business page and also allow to come up with a basic to export up to 800 suggestions for most seed keywords and phrases. You can then use them to optimize your main business pages as well as come up with great topic ideas.

12. Ubersuggest

An uber awesome tool to find long tail keywords to be included into your website and find better long tail keywords. Uber suggest is considered the best (free) tool to expand on a base keyword and find long tail variations to talk about / include in your article.


Website Analytics Tool

There is a lot of tools out there that come with their own built performance analytics. Take for an example,  Google Analytics has geolocation analytics that shows where your traffic is coming from. It is still however to have a few different specialised analytics tool to give you a birds eye view of what actually take place on your website.

13. Google Analytics

Having this is a standard and a must for most websites these days. Google has manage to keep improving its analytics into something of a power horse that can give you information of your website, visitors, how and where they come from and also the path they take through your sales funnel. A sexy function is what they do during their stay on your website in real-time.

14. Kissmetrics

This is a totally focused analytics that helps you to increase conversions across your website. This tool allows you to track your site visitors through their entire conversion journey and you can receive reports of which part of the funnel they are at. This helps you to fine-tune the entire website conversion process and allowing web marketers to increase sales and revenue.

15. Crazy Egg

This tool allow users to see what site visitors are doing on your web pages by using the power of heatmap technology.  It functions as when you see the site visitors mouse are located and where they click. It is said that eyes follows where the mouse moves although not 100% accurate but it gives you a ballpark idea of how they react in your website. This allows growth hackers and online marketers to do the minor or major tweaks to their website.

Easy Augmented Reality Creator

Easy Augmented Reality Creator


Have a try with some of the tools above, as some are free while others offer free trials! Playme AR allows users & publishers to create their own Augmented Reality Experience with only drag & drop. We have a free 2 Credits trial worth $40, Sign up now!

This is the end of the article and we hope that some of you may have learn something new and also to be able to share this with your friends or networks. We at Playme AR hope that our article will be of help to you all!



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