This marks an historical day for Playme AR as the three founders met together and inked the day Playme “Wia Global Technology Private Limited” was founded and inked in the Malaysia!

After Iz Phang met Alvin Ooi over a cup of “Starbucks” coffee in the cool evening night to discuss over the idea which pondered both Winson and Iz for quite some time that it came to table that they needed another co-founder to speed things up! Thus the three of them sat down and discuss over the idea that will allow users to form their own AR interactive print and experiences. They were going to start with Malaysia, Asia and then the rest of the world! 

The day was 27th August 2013. After months of discussion and coffee cups through the night, Winson Tan suggested that we inked down the company and really start this venture full-time. The other two agrees and decided to fork out their investment and went ahead with the creation of Playme AR! 

We want Playme AR to be able to allow users from all over the world to enjoy Augmented Reality and realise their own “AR” ideas to fruition instead of just a dream in our beautiful minds.

Since then, Playme AR has had an investor on-board and much more exciting things to come!