By using Google Drive, users can save their files into the cloud that consist ranging from documents (Word documents, Excel sheets, etc) to personal files such as photos, videos and so on! It’s just like your store room; you place all your stuff there without organizing it.

Since Google Drive provides multiple plans with varying storage space, it is pretty easy to clutter up your Google Drive if you just upload all your files to it.

Fret not! We present you these 4 simple ways to organize your Google Drive.

1. Check out what’s taking up space


The pie chart tells you which Google service is taking up your space

It is pretty easy to fill up a 15 GB storage space if you’re using the basic plan. Your Google Drive can quickly fill up with possibly forgotten files that you may not need anymore, so it’s better to clear off those unused files and be wiser to use your limited free space in the future.

To check out how many GBs are your Gmail, Drive and Google+ taking up, click on the “Manage” option at the bottom left corner.

If you’re using the new Google Drive layout, hover to the “Buy more storage” option at the bottom left corner and click on the “Drive” section. It will show you which files are taking up the most space.

You can also use the free app Unclouded if you have any Google Play-compatible devices; it shows you which files are taking up the most space (it can also list by category like music, pictures and so on), checks for duplicated files which might be taking up your precious space in any of your cloud storage services and so on!

2. Color-code your files


Feeling more visual? Change the color of a file for a better recognition!

If you find colors are easier to identify your folders, right-click the folder of your choice and select “Change Color.” There are 24 colors to chose from.

Now you can enjoy all those rainbow colored folders that you’ve always wanted!

3. File numbering


You can sort your files with the presented options

If you know which folders and/or files are more important or are frequently accessed; you can number them from most important to least important. Of course, don’t forget to sort your files by “Name”. So whenever you access your Drive next time, those important files/folders will show up first.

Right-click the file of your choice, click “Rename” and well, number them according to your liking. Just don’t confuse yourself with the same numbers.

4. Add star to your folders and/or files


Add stars to your folders or files to highlight it

Why does the “add star” option looks so familiar? Well that is because it is the same function from Gmail! You can star whichever files or even folders you deem as your favorite/important/urgent; by right-clicking a folder/file and select “Add star”.

Do keep in mind that the more you star different items, the less useful that option becomes. Unless, you really fancy stars on your folder/files; then you’ll hope that Google will add shining stars in the future.


Give those methods a try and you might be surprised on how all these little things do help on organizing your Google Drive!