Gesture-based interface? Kinect? Hologram? Virtual reality?  Have you seen and watch Minority Report movie before? Now, we can imagine that Augmented Reality apps and it trends has been tremendously emerging to the next level. Here’s are the lists of 5 Amazing Augmented Reality apps that provides something interesting to the users around the world.

1. Google’s Ingress

Some users might disagree it. Eventually, we can see Ingress is one of the top AR apps of the year because it suspend disbelief and intellectually immerse the person in to the virtual world.  It is an immersive, geo-location apps based AR game produced by Niantic Labs, a division of Google.

The Resistance and The Enlightened, are the two main fighting factions; they battle for controlling and sawing the Earth. This apps was opened to the public and allows users to join and create their own missions to escape into our world.

Download it and play (iOS and Android):


2.  TruLife Optics

After several years of developing, TruLife Optics has launched an optical holographic technology which bring us to the next level for those who are interested in Augmented Reality (AR). It is the world’s leading optical component developer for wearable augmented reality devices.

3. Penguin Navi 

Don’t you love penguins? Here it goes… The Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo has greatly become popular due to animated AR penguins lead the way to the aquarium. And of course, this Penguin Navi has become the love of Japan, guiding the users, especially tourists who use this apps. No doubt, we love penguins. They are so cute.  Awww….

 4. HomeSpotter

If you wanted to buy a house and find that whether it is a suitable home for you?

Introducing an Augmented Reality apps, HomeSpotter which helps users to see, discover and explore listed properties area while walking on the road. It uses the radar view to determine and detect where the relevant properties is.  Users are able to view the listing by scanning a house using HomeSpotter app.  It make the home buying process much easier, where users have the ability to explore more.

 5. Augmented Reality – Virtual Cash Grab Machine

What if… you could get more money having some fun? What if… the virtual money you caught turned into real money? Does anyone of you could remember that during old school days, there was a booth where you try to catch money as force winds are blown in there? Currently, Grow Financial has changed into a fun interaction with the Virtual Cash Grab Machine.  Now, get more money while shopping with Grow Financial.

In the future, we will know and see that Augmented Reality (AR) is more emerging, evolving, challenging, more interactive, immersive experiences and many more. Thus, Augmented Reality will change the way we live in the future.

Feel free to let us know if you have seen others better or great ideas below.