Source/Credit: DynamicDust

Source/Credit: DynamicDust

Source/Credit: DynamicDust

Source/Credit: DynamicDust

Waiting for so long to watch your boss’s car destroy? With “Pyro” you can do whatever you want. It is a fun simulation game where you can watch your boss’s car burn down and this might help you to fulfill your dreams in AR world.

It is a very innovative augmented reality app where you can use your fingers to create fire effects on the screen and burn everything that you wanted as well. Awesome right? No limitation!

This augmented reality effect will be magnify when you add sound effects and modify the size of fire effects and explosions.


The app is now available for iOS smart devices. Suitable for iOS 7 or later.  Get this app now to see the fire and explosion effects around you!

CHECK OUT PYRO! Download it and play now.


What can “Pyro” do for you?

  • Create chaos
  • Set the world on fire (virtually)
  • Able to add fire effects to the image from your camera.
  • Able to draw fire effects using fingers in real time.
  • Realistic feeling and looks real explosions.
  • Able to resize and modify the fire and explosion effects.
  • Cool sound effects included with camera sounds
  • Share your “HOT” videos via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and email as well.

What are your thoughts about Pyro?

Feel the heat and burned? What are you waiting for? Download the app now and share with your friends. Feel free to leave your views and thoughts in the comments below.

Credit: DynamicDust