Do you ever think that video games would come alive in 3 Dimensional (3D) space instead only been displayed on the computer monitor or television? Well here it goes… With Augmented Reality games, this would become imaginable. Fresh ideas and innovations are captivating almost every month on Augmented Reality (AR). Together with that, gamers are able to delight more interactive and user experience in a different way than normal gamers. It brings out the different gameplay options, perspective, and the ability to work together with games directly rather than through keyboards, joysticks or controllers. And now if you are interested and ready to know? Well here are the list of the Top 5 Augmented Reality Games of 2014.

1. Tesco – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Augmented Reality Game

A major reboot has been through on the Spider-Man story after the release of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 complete, together with a blockbusting Augmented Reality (AR) game and photo experience developed by Engine Creative.  This technology has been created for Tesco as a part of the Tesco Discover Augmented Reality and marketing strategy with an innovative digital user experience as well as user-friendly. Thus, an engaging mobile experiences for users will tremendously appear. This apps can be played by snapping any of Spider-Man photos, products, images, toys or in store POS banners.

*Note: Across 300 Tesco stores only.

Download it and play (iOS and Android):


2. Google’s Ingress

This Augmented Reality game of Google called Ingress produced by Niantic Labs, which based on geo-location has been popular for quite some time now. It is so immersive, where users have 2 factions to control the virtual world; The Resistance and The Enlightened. At first, it launched only for Android users, but now iOS users can play this phenomenal game. This real life location game virtually takes place in any of the two teams and collect the Exotic Matter (XM for short). This Exotic Matter has the power control to mechanism human thought and always leaking into our world via various portals. To know more about this AR game, have fun and discover by yourself; download it and play now.

Download it and play (iOS and Android):


3. Table Ice Hockey

What about this Augmented Reality game? Only can be played on Playstation Vita.  Table Ice Hockey has been listed one of the top rated Playstation Store’s AR games. It uses the Playstation Vita to virtually put an entire hockey rink on your living room table or any places where you like it and of course you can view the action game from different angles. See, how cool is that? This AR game include features such as tournament and multiplayer modes, team customization, etc. This is the cool way to bring back the hockey rink home.

4. Pokedex 3D Pro

Are you a Pokemon hardcore fan? If you have played other Pokemon games before, then you will definitely love this game too. This Pokedex 3D Pro game uses Augmented Reality, which allows gamers to use the “AR viewer mode” in order to view Pokemon characters from every generation in a 3D animated form. This game have many differences of challenge modes where gamers can test their pokemon identification skills developed by Nintendo.

5. Drakerz – Confrontation

Pokemon? Yugi-Oh? Magic: The Gathering? It is been awhile, trading card games has been playable online. This Augmented Reality (AR) trading card game called “Drakerz – Confrontation” uses AR to bring trading cards come to life in a form of 3D animated monsters.  The monsters are known as Drakos. This game is currently available on the Steam Store.  Gamers are required to use a camera webcam to observe and watch the 3D monsters appear out from the cards and battle on each other for the victory. Isn’t it really cool?

What are you waiting for? Start trying them now!

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