Playme AR being in the market for a year and more, We’ve seen somethings that are eye opening and also amazing along the way. Many asked us why bank on Augmented Reality when Virtual Reality is so much bigger in hype, media, and popularity. Simple, we believe in the unlimited possibilities of mixing both together to form something that is close to Minority Report or even better Iron Man HUD system JARVIS.

First things first.

AR & VR is growing. 

Many critics say that its just a fad and it’ll die down. We believe these space is just in its infancy as it is with the era of smartphone prior to the invent of iPhone back in 2007. Many deny the common possibilities of having a glass that can augment information seamlessly and efficient enough. It was the same back then when no one believe a smartphone could have a HD quality camera, Internet browsing speed as fast as a desktop and much more. We are not tied with our smartphone as we are to our working laptops!

Many discredit the possibilities of an Augmented Reality App enabled world or even a Virtual Reality Chatrooms and etc. However many reputable research companies have time and time again predicts that there will be BILLIONS of AR enabled apps in smartphones. This has not even account a new device that has yet to be invented that could add an extra screen to our limited smartphone screens. We’ve seen Apple acquired the German juggernaut in the Augmented Reality space few months ago.  Magic backed by Google and also Facebook pushing Occulus Rift forward.

By Digi-Capital

By Digi-Capital

There will be no borders.

Many are sidelines and choosing sides. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality fanboys are choosing their sides and also rallying behind giants acquisitions and investments. Even the media joins the flamewar with articles choosing which has greater market cap and advantages. They are both true being at the opposite of a spectrum but there are many ways to utilise both technology to enjoy a better ecosystem. There are areas where both are combined to create a mixed reality compassing of both augmented reality and virtual reality. Virtual Reality thrives in an absolute virtual world allowing users to create reenactments of historical events, or 360 view of a property interior and engaging fully immersive in the gaming world. Augmented Reality relay most of its digital content over the reality such as seen in Minority Report, or Iron Man’s HUD which giving the technology allows anyone to put up digital screens on walls, thin air, objects, even hologram is possible (only seen by the wearer of the device or through a device such as the Playme AR App). In the end, it will be the seamless integration of graphical content that will emerge as true winners.

by Kzero

by Kzero

Awesome Digital Content Will Be The New King!

Much can be true for the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality world where beautiful digital content is appreciated and welcomed. As Youtube is hit with a waves of 360 view videos, it shows how great immersive tech will be in the future, where anyone can view 360 view inside the movie and imagine following the view from the hero’s front seat and being able to see different sets at different timing.

Technology will only keep advancing and as the world hungers for great content, there will come a time where it is easily available everywhere and being able to just push a button and a fully immersive hologram of yourselves is replicated by the computer to represent you somewhere in a board meeting room in the other side of the globe.

There are times where Playme AR team went for proposals and its always the content of digital 3D or animation videos that wins the client’s imagination and this is the direction the industry and world is moving. Consuming content no matter what the format and kind may be.

Ready for your company to innovate ahead with Augmented Reality Advertising?

We understands that being based in Malaysia and also having market access into the Southeast Asia being mostly developing countries, most companies don’t have big budgets for crazy animations & visual effects. We believe in working best with our clients to use the best available solution and our team will be there to professionally generate the contents you desire.

AR & VR is still relatively new technology to many and some say it might be obsolete in the coming years but we and so many others believe augmented reality and virtual reality is here to stay. Technology acceptance is growing and the budgets require to do certain digital content is getting lower such as a fully stiched 360 picture was costly 5 years back and now it can be easily stitched with a 360 Camera and capturing 360 degree HD quality video as well.

Getting the best available solutions and also providing the most amazing experience for our client (YOU) is our main priority and we always strive to give the best solutions. If your itching to try out yourself without reaching out to our lovely customer service, feel free to sign up for FREE and try out 2 FREE credits to bring alive your print with digital AR video or a hologram (Alpha Channeled) AR video.

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