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How to hack your Blog Traffic in 5 Ways

How to hack your Blog Traffic in 5 Ways: How this blog tactics should change as your blog grows.

We decided to study some of the different situation of blog posting so that we at can also build a blog that is not only converting hundred of thousands of visitors per month but also meaningful for our readers.

As some of you have known, we are in the augmented reality business but it doesn’t mean we only focus on augmented reality enthusiasts.

Okay, lets start with the strategy. Creating a blog is a great way to build organic traffic no matter how strong your financials are, blogs are ways to create a sustainable organic traffic to your website. (link)

Strategy segments that we have broken down into 5 segments:

  1. Starting your blog
  2. Finding your first hundred blog followers
  3. Time to scale your traffic
  4. Post-mortem your blog and improve
  5. Maintaing your formula and repeat.

In this blog article, I am going to outline the 5 segments of the blog growth better help you understand where you are today and what are the next steps you need to move forward.


1: Beginning of a blog

Less than a week.

When we see another person’s blog, it is rarely shared that it took them months or even years to create a sexy and high traffic blog.

Accepting that blogging is hard sweat and effort. There is no easy shortcut but to discipline to commit a blog post on a weekly basis or fortnightly basis. (Accepting this makes it easy for long term persistence and consistency)

Consistency is the key here.

Choosing the right niche for your blog. (Why choosing a niche?) Remember that for those that have started a blog, you can go over again and improve your situation. (We did the same.)

Definte a main niche.

This is the most important first step that many blog owners fail to set and gave up after months of writing blogs that nobody wants to read.

This is important that you know who is going to benefit from your blog articles.

Example: Playmear was previously focused on writing blogs for augmented reality niches, we have since decided to make it our secondary niche and now focus on marketing related articles as our main niche. (We are a B2B focused Augmented Reality Creator Platform)

If you may not have it figured out yet don’t worry, you can get it along the way. If your not sure what products you want to sell or services you can offer, it is okay. Figure out what kind of audience you want to help first is more important.

Try to be as specific as possible as this would be better than just being too general and not hitting the audience with laser focus.

Examples would be: you want to serve working adults that go to gym & lead healthy routine.

These are 124 niche case studies comprises of good and bad niches.

What is your reader persona

Once you have decided what kind of audience you want to serve, you need to build a persona about them.

In order to create content that can actually be of use to them, you must understand who they are, what is their needs, what kind of problem they are facing.

There are some tools online & manual ways to help you with it.

  • Having one-to-one conversations.
  • Demographic sites such as Alexa and SEMrush
  • Listing out common thoughts of audience characteristics
  • Google the niche characteristics out (its bound be done by someone).

Once your happy with your research, you should be able to list out your audience’s:

  • Gender
  • Age / Age range
  • Job
  • Hobbies
  • Pain Points
  • Beliefs
  • Values

As a quick Google search can give you some samples of personas done by others. Do keep a note that these have to be as specific as possible but it is okay if your starting out and not much information is available from your own testing and research. (It really does takes time to perfect your blog persona).

In the end of the day you would want to be as specific as possible and this can help you focus on creating blog posts that resonates well with your niche readers.

Start your blog 

Once that’s done, whats next? Start your blog obviously. There are some open sourced CMS available online such as WordPress, Drupal, and themes can be easily changed using templated templates from Themeforests.

For some of you a blog is an extension of providing an access point for users to interact with your brand and sort of a loudspeaker for external to learn more about your brand.

While others focus heavily being a blog-based business then your blog is everything to you. (Remember to always have a backup)

There’s a reason many startups, home-based blog uses wordpress due to its simplicity and ease of getting started without spending thousand of dollars on a custom CMS or design.

Bear in mind that the first version of any blog is not perfect and keeping up-to-date is the key to stay relevant and innovative.

Start scouting where your readers hang out.

Like many bloggers thought, blog and they will come is a wrong way to think it will be a viable solution in the beginning.

You can figure out where they spend time and go over there to lock on them. (Buffer Co-founder guest post at many different places to increase his traffic)

There are some ways but we suggest try Googling the “Top [your niche] Blogs” to get a birds eye view of the niche your in.

Next step, start listing down the sites and whether they allow guest posts and comments. We use Google Spreadsheet, check an example below.

Google them away and lists those blogs and keep a look out for high traffic signs such as high degree of comments and has lots of social shares.

Start populating your lists with the better ones on the top of your list. You really want to make sure your reader persona visits the sites so you can convert them to eventually visit your site as well. Ideally having a range of 50-100 blog sites of your similar niches is best so you can spread more of your effort to tap more of the Internet network.

If you find it difficult, tweak your search to have a broader reach such as instead of “best digital online marketing sites” to “best marketing sites”

Once blogs is done, search for forums and groups in social media sites. Search for “[your niche] + forum / linkedin groups / facebook group” this allows you to tap into existing communities and forums.

Separate the blogs, forums, and social media sites in different section of your spreadsheet to give you a better overview. For forums and social media sides, note the number of registered members, activity (slow, average, hot) and also frequency (occasional, many).

Forums are very tightly knitted communities that you can invest your time to form online one-to-one session with the communities that may give feedbacks and etc.

Social media sites tends to be harder to get attention as many will be eyeing at the same groups and etc.


2: Having a 100 readers is better than 1000 visitors.

Around 4 months or lesser.

This was derived from a concept talked by Kevin Kelly called 1,000 true fans (link). It was made popular when growth hacker Seth Godin referenced it in his advices.

His point being that anyone (blogger) could make a great living if they have support from a thousand true fans. As a relatively small group of loyal readers can make your blog active to allow you to dive into your blog full-time.

However we do believe going from 0 to 1000 seem a bit harder to reach for beginner bloggers.

As we mentioned, blogging takes time an average of 1-5 years to take effect depending on many factors. No matter how well your researches are, you are going to hit bumps along the way. In the early stages, no one will tell you what went wrong and give you feedbacks.

Even your 100 fans will take a while to be discovered and it depends on your execution and discipline as well as your content quality.

What happens when I have achieve my 100 fans but there is little to no activity in my blog and also very little shares from my visitors. Well then this will tell you that the problem is your content.

But not this will hold true all the time. As some content may be more enticing to be commented and discussed while others may just get more shares but little discussion. An average 10-15 comments is considered a good average while shares tend to be more subjective as some have reached shares of thousands (usually news sites: mashable, huffington and etc).

Interact with your users and to have them to know you more. Building relationships first, valuable content, and promote your content. If you’re a one-man show, keep in mind to be laser focus.


3: How can I get my 100 users since I have my blog up?

Tips #1: Create a rhythm, stick to it and tweak it!

Many bloggers fails this first test as they fall prey to procrastination, excuses and also weak time management.

Creating a rhythm: While this may not have anything to do with blogging and how you can get better data it is important create a good habit so you can keep generating content on schedule.

Start small, I personally start once a week with a shorter type of blog post to get myself comfortable in writing. Once I get the hang of it, I move onto longer posts and also higher frequency and testing out different topics. My next target is two blog post every week and then two long and one short post in the future.

I specifically like posting on Monday, and Wednesday to allow me time to write and also research. My third post would be somewhere around Friday or Saturday. (I was attending a conference in Hong Kong that had me delayed on my posting last week.)

Generating a rhythm allows your mind to get used to it and you’ll slowly write faster and faster. Keeping a consistency is key here.

One you have a rhythm set, after a month or two tweak it to see if its gets better results. This is the best stage where you would already established a baseline and how your changes can affect the conversion rate better.

Tip #2: Creating the right content for the right audience.

As you’ve seen, i’m dedicating my time to blog for PlaymeAR but it is very limited due to a one person team. While it might sound easy to some to continuously pumping out a lot of GOOD content, the start is not so easy but is the most important. Therefore you need the right content to maximise your effort and making sure your blog will stay relevant and efficient for you and also valuable for your readers.

While having the right content attracting readers can only give you so much unless your attracting other backlinkers and also influencers to help promote your newly created content. As churning content continuously without anyone reading it is no use. It’s better lining up some of other sources to bring in more traffic to your blog.

If you’ve single out a particular niche, make sure to be an expert in that particular niche and be an expert in writing it and growing that brand presence like that.

Some bloggers will backlink and write reviews of blogs to create makeshift content for their readers. This might result in some decent targeted traffic as it is within the same overall niche cluster.

Some of the ways that you can do is roundup posts and ego bait posts. Roundup posts is the more common practice to enrich the influencers and also to get them to share your posts and links to it. This allow the influencers to share on social media.

While ego bait is a more wide range kind of posts. With this strategy, you essentially want to tap into the ego of an influencer or a company with large following. This allows them to look good and of course you can show them that their opinion and point helps to solve readers problem and also created value for others. Follow up with a simple email telling them that the article is published and they can link to it and share as well.

Tip #3: After this, Paid Traffic & Social Media

The reason i combine paid traffic and social media is the worlds largest social media (Facebook) is no longer giving you free traffic from your pages in the page and it comes with a price nowadays. Excluding the personal social media reach you have personally. If you have more money to invest into the business, paid traffic is a faster way to accelerate your growth and it is important for to remember not to rely on paid traffic but it is a great way to get some noise out there.

Make sure you have a lead capturing to collect some subscribers to retarget them with better content as well. Spend time to tweak and test your email opt-in rate before spending your dollars on acquiring traffic. Keep in mind that many successful blogs never paid ads although many of them at some point does spend on ads at some point.

Social media is one of the strategy…

The most popular social media platforms have huge amounts of traffic namely Facebook & Twitter. They have large enough general audience that it is definitely able to contain your target audience.

Building a social media presence will also take time to build and it could go for months before it starts showing any decent traffic.

The reason i combine the paid traffic and social media is because with Facebook you can speed up your social media and also the traffic to your site. This can be done on any kind of niches and also paid ads on Facebook is relatively cheap and has lower entry level to help you build a great website quickly.

Remember the main idea to grow your blog so it can sustain and even start growing the traffic on its own with your content without needing it to rely on social media or paid advertising to help build your channels.

4: Post-mortem your blog and start growing your fans.

Once you reach this stage, your probably know what your audience needs and wants that it is time to further accelerate your traffic growth efforts into turbo drive.

Bear in mind that this takes time to build, continue with your routine and keep the momentum.

Expand your traffic-acquisition strategies.

As of this stage your probably comfortable in writing and can probably write 1 article in a day and spend less time on content creation that is logical to focus on building more traffic. Focus on guest blogging to speed your reach as you now have somewhat an authority with your content published overtime and also setting up joint articles with other influencers of in-direct or direct niches for more coverage.

This allows you to speed things up instead of relying on your existing fan base which will be slower to grow over time.


Create a content schedule

Previously i mentioned on how blogging on a regular basis is good for the search engine as well as your readers to get a clear picture of your consistency. This also allows you to gauge what kind of content your readers prefer and like.

Now, it’s necessary to do it on a regular basis. Think about not just those specific types of posts that we looked at but any type of content your true fans may enjoy.

You need to decide how often you want to post and what you will be writing about. A well prepared schedule allows you to plan out your content for the month and the upcoming month.  From this point on you will be getting feedbacks from your existing 100-200 true fans that will allow you to do quick changes to your schedule.

The next benefit would be a more proper schedule to align yourself to get ready and as they say the more one practice the better they become. Therefore it is quite important to have a proper schedule and consistency to improve efficiency but of course this is open for optional decision by you.

Start monetizing your traffic.

Once you start achieving 5,000-15,000 subscribers, you must start monetising the blog as soon as possible. Keep maintaining your step 3 while now channeling some of your time into monetising efforts. At this stage you will easily be achieving about ten of thousands of visitors a month. Once you reach this stage having some monetising segment will allow you to hire content writers, or helpers to help you sell products or deal with upcoming joint ventures and also to the point you need an extra 1 or 2 people to handle the workload.

Once your niche is clear with a product you are selling on your own you can monetise that otherwise you can also refer reputable affiliate offers from sellers of your niches.

What about advertisement placement? It must be planned out properly so it does not ruin your blog look and experience.

5: After monetising, maintain formula and scale.

There is a reason why blogs such as mashable and huffington post which started out small turn into a big fledge news portal and have a huge team churning out content day in and day out. The reason is to cater more niches or verticals to attract more visitors and readers.

Definitely if you can afford it, pay them a good amount of money to have at least 70-80% of your output so you can get a healthy ratio of duplicating yourself into many more team mates focusing on working towards a single goal. This allows you to explore into more verticals and do more of the scaling while the team member can do the heavy lifting and are experienced specialist to do so.

It will be the time where your daily work can be taught to team members and be automated. There are tools and also freelancers to start churning more exciting content for your verticals.

In order to automate your team members and also the process, don’t just hire them and expect them to know what to do. Spend a week to go through with them one by one and after that give that person the authority to teach the ones coming in and so one. Make sure to specialise them into a job scope so they wont get overbear with workload.

Once that is done, let them know they can keep doing the things that will add value to the company / blogs mission and milestones. This allows you to automate things and teams can run even while your not in office.

This is the end of the article.

The reason why we decided to write this article was also to remind us that blog powered business grows over time and also having a blog for the sake of having it will waste resources and also time.  It cannot be a successful blog overnight and remember that its built with one post by post. We hope you can use these tactics at the right time and also learn more from websites such as QuickSprout, Copyblogger,,, and much more!

Note to self and also to you our fans, “Never give up and stop learning about your business, readers and customers and always try to help them as much as possible.”

I appreciate if you can leave a comment to cheer us on or some feedback to help steer us in the right direction!




20 Digital Marketing Tools that helps Online Marketers

Digital Marketing is very rooted into online businesses and to the businesses that rely heavily on online for revenue and business. We’ve break this article into 3 parts that allows easier tools for online marketers or even any individual marketers from home that needs that extra tools to help enhance their online business.  We will focus on 3 main core ideas we believe is essential for everyone to start first with online marketing.

3 Categories:

• Email Marketing

• Content Curation

• Content Creation

• Keyword Research

• Website Analytics Tool

Each category has 3 tools Playme AR team personally tried, heard reviews from first-hand clients or testimonials from others. We hope you can use them to further improve your business anid also to engage  in the online world more effectively. We shall start with the first category that we felt is very important to us and top the list. *The order does not signify importance*


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still one of the best targeted platform to reaching out to clients and also businesses that can amass huge lists of very targeted and passionate emails (users) usually command a high converting sales rate due to the lists being very interested in the solution/product. Email Marketing is used in everyday life and with the age of mobile and internat chat apps such as FB Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber and many more Email Marketing still hold a huge deal since the first email was sent in 1971.

1. MailChimp

MailChimp has come a long way since its inception years back fighting in the email marketing space with players such as GetResponse, Aweber and many more. Today it is one of the most advance email marketing platform on the market. MailChimp’s ease of use and also simple platform struct allows amateur email maketers to get it up and running within 10 minutes.

2. Emma

While MailChimp is a very DIY email marketing system, Emma (abbreviation for email marketing) wants to make sure your always well covered with their known very amazing customer service. They are known for the fact they will assist you hands-on and is very good for busy or new email marketers!

3. Marketo

More advance email marketers should be familiar with Marketo, a platform that allows users to combine email into their entire automated marketing campaigns and also email marketing is not to be considered as the only part of a whole strategy as it is by itself a delicate strategy. Marketo is one of the few platforms that unify all marketing channels.


Content Creation

Content is king, everyone know that it is important but whats more interesting is how do you come out with content? Beautiful as well to be able to share with your fans and followers. There are so many formats for content creators to go with such as infographics, blogs, videos and graphics. The biggest dilemma many face is missing one of the other elements. One can have a great blog but measly looking graphics which turn off readers. Thats why we decided to list our top favorites in this list.

4. Canva

This is an amazing web-based design tool that allows any average joe to create unique images to share on their blogs, social network, website, and more! Canva is very intuitive and allow users to create completely unique images from nothing or to improve self-uploaded photos. Its stock photos are available for only $1 a piece. Handy tool for social media images to use its ready made templates.

5. Piktochart

Another great web-based design tool is Piktochart which allow users to easily create beautiful infographics with exciting database of designs and items. The visual makes it much easier to add and edit statistical information and without worrying about design and time-consuming communication with designers.

6. Shakr

Video creation can never be easier with Shakr, a web-based video editing tool with categorical themes and templates readily available for you to add photos and scenes into the moving templated videos. This is helpful to create a more engaging content and make them easily available through your social media, blog and much more!


Content Curation

Information, Content, A grade insights… An experience content creator will share the pain of always having to find time and to create exceptional content at almost most of the time. It is always best to have a few site of content curation tools or websites to help fill in some moment of blankness.

7. Feedly

There is so many blogs, websites, news and person to follow that it makes it hard to keep track all of them in your bookmark. Feedly makes it easy by allowing you to follow those sites and get all content in one single platform. They have many other categories and you can sort them out accordingly to their industries and niches. A must have.

8. allows you to easily find and share amazing & relevant content to your social networks, blogs and lots more! This saves time for you to find and also going back to our many social media pages to share. allows you to find months of great work in a short time and easily share to your networks without much hassle.

9. Pocket

Pocket is another crowd favorite for marketers that are always on the go and need to consume content during transit. Pocket is a great place to start and collecting your content to use and share later. Pocket are able to keep interesting articles, images and videos in one place for later reference. Pocket is available as a standalone app that fits in your phone which allows more accesibility on mobile.


Keyword Research Tool

10. SEMRush

Yes, now i know why my competitors got that rank higher than me. SEMRush allows users to check what their competitors are ranked for and additional information for the search. This is also #1 for Playmear to find some cheeky keywords to get rank by.

11. Google Keyword Planner

Formerly known as Google Keyword Tool, now it is a called Google Keyword Planner, which allows you to find seed keywords and phrases for your business page and also allow to come up with a basic to export up to 800 suggestions for most seed keywords and phrases. You can then use them to optimize your main business pages as well as come up with great topic ideas.

12. Ubersuggest

An uber awesome tool to find long tail keywords to be included into your website and find better long tail keywords. Uber suggest is considered the best (free) tool to expand on a base keyword and find long tail variations to talk about / include in your article.


Website Analytics Tool

There is a lot of tools out there that come with their own built performance analytics. Take for an example,  Google Analytics has geolocation analytics that shows where your traffic is coming from. It is still however to have a few different specialised analytics tool to give you a birds eye view of what actually take place on your website.

13. Google Analytics

Having this is a standard and a must for most websites these days. Google has manage to keep improving its analytics into something of a power horse that can give you information of your website, visitors, how and where they come from and also the path they take through your sales funnel. A sexy function is what they do during their stay on your website in real-time.

14. Kissmetrics

This is a totally focused analytics that helps you to increase conversions across your website. This tool allows you to track your site visitors through their entire conversion journey and you can receive reports of which part of the funnel they are at. This helps you to fine-tune the entire website conversion process and allowing web marketers to increase sales and revenue.

15. Crazy Egg

This tool allow users to see what site visitors are doing on your web pages by using the power of heatmap technology.  It functions as when you see the site visitors mouse are located and where they click. It is said that eyes follows where the mouse moves although not 100% accurate but it gives you a ballpark idea of how they react in your website. This allows growth hackers and online marketers to do the minor or major tweaks to their website.

Easy Augmented Reality Creator

Easy Augmented Reality Creator


Have a try with some of the tools above, as some are free while others offer free trials! Playme AR allows users & publishers to create their own Augmented Reality Experience with only drag & drop. We have a free 2 Credits trial worth $40, Sign up now!

This is the end of the article and we hope that some of you may have learn something new and also to be able to share this with your friends or networks. We at Playme AR hope that our article will be of help to you all!


10 Brilliant Augmented Reality Marketing Ideas

Augmented Reality Marketing is being used by many brands to enhance their awareness, increase sales, improve customer experience and much more. It is not just a gimmick as it was 4-5 years ago. There are many ways to utilize augmented reality and allow them to stay as brand loyal advocates.

We will share with you how Playme AR Creator is able to allow you to do all these 14 amazing marketing ideas using the Augmented Reality as a leverage tool to better excite and engage customers through digitalisation.

Those that are not familiar with what augmented reality really is can refer to the article here or check out a summarised one below:

  • An augmented reality enabled Prints allows Digital Content to come alive through the Playme AR App.
  • It’s is a separate reality overlaying on top of a reality item such as flyers, prints, posters, packaging, billboards and more.
  • The added digital interactivity and also experience excites users about your product & leaves a great reminder bout the brand.
  • Augmented reality experience enabled products or services converts a higher percentage than other mediums.
  • Augmented reality allows products, prints and etc to come alive with animations, 3D, videos and more!
  • Amazing thing is, your users can see all this with a smartphone device which almost everyone has one already.
  • One more thing, Digital & Amazing content is consumed almost daily and augmented reality is bringing it over to prints!

So we’re ready for the precious ideas? Lets get to it.


1. Entice users with exciting AR videos.

This is placed on the top of the list because due to the high effectiveness of Video Advertising for brands and also retainability.  There is a reason why Television advertising rate is high and also Youtube is attracting so many traffic to its site. It is said that video advertising will continue to grow into 2017 and beyond as one of the fastest growing digital advertising platform back in 2012.

Now you can add augmented reality videos on to your print advertisement to allow viewers to see the videos instantaneously without looking or searching for your brand videos. It is statistically shown that viewers remember more of the video than pictures and text. It is recorded that 73% of consumers will more likely make a purchase after watching a video. This is why marketing departments are changing their content development to feature more of video advertising or video generation to entice the high demand of video.

Out of the 1,000 respondents, as much as 96% mentioned that video was helpful when making purchasing decisions. At another junction, 87% found that businesses with videos are helpful for further research into the services or products of the same brand. The other section are video tutorials, guidelines and etc that 93% responded with amazing positiveness! Albeit the small sample, it gives insight into how business and brands uses video to inform and guide them both in the pre-purchase and also in the post-purchase is equally encouraging. We also see many companies are product placement in movies to subconsciously remind consumers.

Guess what, you can easily add videos overlaying your print advertising, This is easily done with our Playme AR Creator that your designers, or even single moms can drag & drop to attach videos to certain print designs. Try it now for free!

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 4.08.50 PM

2. Addon Images onto prints to increase effectiveness.

The next one on the list must have been predicted. After the video, pictures would have high conversion and also higher retention rate than common text and etc. Augmented Reality can extend the print with additional linked images to give users a perspective look at the product or services. It can be a photo with links to booking the product, buying the product or even to give more insights on the product and services.

We have also seen brands optimising their images and photos to improve understanding and according to a research by MDG advertising it is seen that content featuring compelling images averages 94% more total views than those without images. It gives a large picture of how advertising featuring images appear to capture attention more from those without images.

Based on surveys to consumers, they mentioned that high-quality images are influencing their purchasing behaviours. Clear, high-quality images are considered to effective influencing and also important by 67% of consumers and it carries more weight than the product description, information, and explanation.

With this in mind, Playme AR Creator allows business owners, marketing leaders to augment their prints, product packaging and etc with additional linked graphical contents. This can be used to unlock additional graphic products, images or hidden coupons to entice users.

Here’s also another idea for augmented reality junkies.


Photo Sharing

3. Image Capture Augmented Reality Experiences to Share on Social.

Augmented Reality experience is best shared and enjoyed with everyone and what better way to do it with social media and sharing directly with friends! The best marketing or advertising in this age leverages on the social networks to improve brand reach and awareness and to create a more personable audience engagement.

Having the Augmented Reality Marketing idea being shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or much more takes the advantage of high social visibility and peer recommendations. This in the end gives more bang for the buck in your ads and allows business to have more exposure from the public users point of view.

Campaigns can be made with augmented reality to allow users to snap selfies and share on social media to stand a chance to win something and also to allow users to be able to see the experiences their friends is seeing on the social network and more.

Once a friend share something interesting it gives the brand a notice and people can talk about it and also remind the public users about the brand. Remember having the masses share and promote a certain experience is much better than in your face advertising.

Augmented Reality gives everyone a reason to share “cool”, “exciting”, “interesting” things with friends, So brands like Starbucks, Mcdonalds, and more have used Augmented Reality to promote their brands through creative Christmas campaigns, and games. So try exploring on where Augmented Reality can be included into your marketing campaigns now.



4. Allow customers to contact you easily with Click-to-Call.


We’ve all been through the road where we saw an advertisement but failed to remember the number of the business or service. Augmented reality allows users to easily scan the advert and push a button to easily call the business premise. This is a little awkward for many but in time AR will grow to be more fluid and smoother to allow faster interaction and engagement from ads that matters to us. Having that extra benefits and reducing obstacles for customers allows business to convert much better and improve the marketing channel.

Have a call to action button on the advert with an augmented reality button, it can be an image of a product that activates the call button or even a person with a “call us” button on top of their head. Its all possible with Augmented Reality overlaying their print adverts.


5. Adding Location & Lead your customers using GPS!

Having a business in a certain area with many other competing business could confuse your interested customers. Sometimes businesses have more than one outlets and it really helps if customers have GPS to go directly to your store. Most phones have a built in Google Maps that allows users to easily navigate to your shop. However adding the address and coordinates is a hassle.

Augmented Reality allows marketing with print ads easy with a click of a button, customers can easily call out Google Maps to go directly to your coordinates that is already preset with the Playme AR Creator. This allows customers to easily “get directions” capability to their desired outlets or branch.

Its no longer sufficient to place address on print ads but also to allow the ads to assist possible customers to connect to you easily with technology!


6. Capture leads with links to your landing page or promo page.

This is another set of marketing ideas to add into the print ads with the help of augmented reality. This feature is so popular that when Smartphones was gaining tractions, marketers already build digital ads to have a mobile capability to capture leads on smartphone browsers. Leads allows marketing executives to collect data and also to build audiences around a certain campaign or promotion.

Lead pages allows business and marketers to create various campaigns such as register to download, register to claim promos, sign up for early bookings and customer feedbacks.

The key is to align it with the print design and add the added features and interactivity with augmented reality. Augmented reality is to allow print ads to convert better and allow marketers to get better conversions over the traditional prints.

Keeping it simple to a few inputs allows better conversion, no one wants to spend minutes to fill a form within an ad so simplicity is the key to higher conversions.

Let me give you an example, a newspaper print ad wants to know if there is interest in their new product line, so marketing team adds an AR to allow users to fill in a simple name, email and interest dropdown form of the interested colour of the new product. Users are diverted to the brand landing page and fills up. Once done the landing page assures that they are within the waiting list and a coupon code is given to their email so once the New Car is up and running they can claim the code. This allows the marketing team to understand what colour sells better and have higher requests.

So plan away for your next print ads.


7. Enhancing with a 360 degree view of the product/service.

This is an interesting take into the real-estate industry, 360 degree view is nothing new of sorts with Google Streetview taking the world stage. However, Augmented Reality 360 allows property marketing team to add this capability directly into their property print ads, brochures, posters and pamphlets.

Allowing customers to view 360 degree views enables customers to discover the venue and property as if they are standing there experiencing the location and such. Guestcentric studies shows that with interactive media and also a possibility to add in 360 view of products, and premises keeps customers sticky longer than average time and hold their attention longer. Marketing is a success if a product/service is able to keep attention for a longer period.

A site with a 360 virtual tour and interactive media will receive 40% more views than a competitor’s site that is lacking media” (Source: Pew Internet Life Study).

Example of this use case is definitely in the real estate but not only confined to a physical property industry, it can be applied to Yachts, Automobiles, Interior Designers, hotels, and much more!


8. 3D Augmented Reality to visualise the products.

3-Dimensional objects are a great addition to marketing. Print advertising has always been trying to add 3D objects on to the adverts with graphical content and visualisation to always mesmerise the customers. Augmented reality allows marketers to easily add 3D content overlaying the print adverts and captivate the users with a more engaging digital content.


This application can be added onto many industries, namely property, products, tourism, and much more. The 3D allows users to explore the possibility of the product in a live form and also giving the customers more understanding over the project or product.

Lego did a campaign and saw an increase in sales conversion when augmented reality was used in the case and many other case studies have shown the when 3D is used, buyers don’t mind the extra payment to attain the object and product.


9. Hidden Content overlaying the Print Advertisement unlocking Coupons & Promos.

Augmented Reality is a tool that can bridge the gap between offline and online which allows unlimited possibilities with our current marketing campaign. The idea of locking up the advertising with a coupon to give customers unlocking provides a little gamification element that allows them to hunt for the advertising and hopes of finding more coupons or hidden content.

This is applicable for magazine print ads that allows users to unlock the content with the augmented reality which then allows them to collect the coupon with a snap or a screenshot. Marketers can also add a special request that only coupon shared are able to be claimed.


10. Adding a buy-button into the print ads for e-commerce.

E-commerce is a big deal and as many users are browsing the internet through smartphone devices, will your print ad go without a buy button linking back to your advertisers pages? How about brands thinking of adding a connectivity function into their existing print ads. Having augmented reality adding a buy button allows users to easily scan at the aforementioned product or services and straight they can proceed to shopping cart and check out.

Playme AR creator is able to allow users to easily add their augmented reality buttons onto their print designs. Having a simple augmented reality picture of the product with a buy button below creates a very important reach as now print can also divert traffic back to the brands’ page.

E-commerce capability are now able to be spilled into traditional print ads with the help of augmented reality and soon in the future all papers will be coming to life with Playme AR!


Here’s our final verdict for the 10 Brilliant Augmented Reality, we believe they are as good as your execution and not to be left in the black and dark closet at home. These ideas are just a window into the unlimited possibilities of AR and also how it can help your brands’ marketing value. Hope you found some nice info from this blog and also we challenge you to a much better and more creative ways of using Playme AR app!~

Thank you for reading!


Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality Saga Will Be Decided By Content

Playme AR being in the market for a year and more, We’ve seen somethings that are eye opening and also amazing along the way. Many asked us why bank on Augmented Reality when Virtual Reality is so much bigger in hype, media, and popularity. Simple, we believe in the unlimited possibilities of mixing both together to form something that is close to Minority Report or even better Iron Man HUD system JARVIS.

First things first.

AR & VR is growing. 

Many critics say that its just a fad and it’ll die down. We believe these space is just in its infancy as it is with the era of smartphone prior to the invent of iPhone back in 2007. Many deny the common possibilities of having a glass that can augment information seamlessly and efficient enough. It was the same back then when no one believe a smartphone could have a HD quality camera, Internet browsing speed as fast as a desktop and much more. We are not tied with our smartphone as we are to our working laptops!

Many discredit the possibilities of an Augmented Reality App enabled world or even a Virtual Reality Chatrooms and etc. However many reputable research companies have time and time again predicts that there will be BILLIONS of AR enabled apps in smartphones. This has not even account a new device that has yet to be invented that could add an extra screen to our limited smartphone screens. We’ve seen Apple acquired the German juggernaut in the Augmented Reality space few months ago.  Magic backed by Google and also Facebook pushing Occulus Rift forward.

By Digi-Capital

By Digi-Capital

There will be no borders.

Many are sidelines and choosing sides. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality fanboys are choosing their sides and also rallying behind giants acquisitions and investments. Even the media joins the flamewar with articles choosing which has greater market cap and advantages. They are both true being at the opposite of a spectrum but there are many ways to utilise both technology to enjoy a better ecosystem. There are areas where both are combined to create a mixed reality compassing of both augmented reality and virtual reality. Virtual Reality thrives in an absolute virtual world allowing users to create reenactments of historical events, or 360 view of a property interior and engaging fully immersive in the gaming world. Augmented Reality relay most of its digital content over the reality such as seen in Minority Report, or Iron Man’s HUD which giving the technology allows anyone to put up digital screens on walls, thin air, objects, even hologram is possible (only seen by the wearer of the device or through a device such as the Playme AR App). In the end, it will be the seamless integration of graphical content that will emerge as true winners.

by Kzero

by Kzero

Awesome Digital Content Will Be The New King!

Much can be true for the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality world where beautiful digital content is appreciated and welcomed. As Youtube is hit with a waves of 360 view videos, it shows how great immersive tech will be in the future, where anyone can view 360 view inside the movie and imagine following the view from the hero’s front seat and being able to see different sets at different timing.

Technology will only keep advancing and as the world hungers for great content, there will come a time where it is easily available everywhere and being able to just push a button and a fully immersive hologram of yourselves is replicated by the computer to represent you somewhere in a board meeting room in the other side of the globe.

There are times where Playme AR team went for proposals and its always the content of digital 3D or animation videos that wins the client’s imagination and this is the direction the industry and world is moving. Consuming content no matter what the format and kind may be.

Ready for your company to innovate ahead with Augmented Reality Advertising?

We understands that being based in Malaysia and also having market access into the Southeast Asia being mostly developing countries, most companies don’t have big budgets for crazy animations & visual effects. We believe in working best with our clients to use the best available solution and our team will be there to professionally generate the contents you desire.

AR & VR is still relatively new technology to many and some say it might be obsolete in the coming years but we and so many others believe augmented reality and virtual reality is here to stay. Technology acceptance is growing and the budgets require to do certain digital content is getting lower such as a fully stiched 360 picture was costly 5 years back and now it can be easily stitched with a 360 Camera and capturing 360 degree HD quality video as well.

Getting the best available solutions and also providing the most amazing experience for our client (YOU) is our main priority and we always strive to give the best solutions. If your itching to try out yourself without reaching out to our lovely customer service, feel free to sign up for FREE and try out 2 FREE credits to bring alive your print with digital AR video or a hologram (Alpha Channeled) AR video.

Sign Me Up Now!

See you guys soon! in e27, Echelon Asia Summit Singapore 2015, June 23 – 24 was honoured to have been selected as Malaysia’s MaGIC Top 15 Startups for Echelon Asia Summit Singapore 2015! We are delighted to have been selected and being able to showcase to the Singaporeans and the global audience there with MaGIC.

E27’s Echelon Asia Summit Singapore boast a wide array of audiences with more than 2500 spanning from across Asia with investors, business partners and startups from Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and more!

Some little meaning behind the word of MaGIC or “Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre” headed by the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia and helmed by Cheryl Yeoh and the amazing teammates such as Warren Leow, Evelynn and much more at MaGIC Cyberjaya! e27 echelon singapore


The Journey to Singapore Starts at 3AM Penang Time. 

5AM Flight to MaGIC!

5AM Flight to MaGIC!

Playmear being based in Penang would need Alvin Ooi & Iz Phang to get up at 3AM and be ready for the plane to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). We packed our bags and got into the plane at 5.50AM which allows us to reach KLIA by 6.30AM. Just in time for the Rush Hour, we hop a ride through GrabTaxi and reached MaGIC at 8AM, making us one of the first few to reach MaGIC.

Alas, we have started our journey to Singapore at 9am, The bus was quickly filled with our bags and promotional items! We then proceed on riding it to the Echelon with bustling activities from within the bus with chatters and discussion.

We arrived in Singapore at 4pm and after a brief and quick check-in into the Hotel Capri beside the Singapore Expo, we proceeded to setting up our booth at the event space. We also managed to register first on 22nd to avoid the morning rush that have happened in Tech in Asia’s conference.

Day ONE 22nd June 2015


We are ready for the crowd! However we find the Malaysian Pavillion placement a little awkward with it being placed at the end of the expo, although its infront of the conference hall. The crowd did start to warm up at 11am and we didnt even have the time to drink and eat our lunch.

Experiences on the first day was overwhelming and as we forge alliances with market partners and also introduction to possible investors, we’d like to say the event was very diverse and having met so many different types of industry and market leaders such as SPH, Media Prima, and companies from Bangladesh, Thailand and more!

Alvin Ooi speaking to enthusiasts!

Alvin Ooi speaking to enthusiasts! *eyes closed* hehe.

As there are more and more interested parties approaching the booth and the response was amazing! People from around Asia couldn’t believe their eyes that there is so much exciting startups from Asia and especially Malaysia. People from Kazakhstan was talking to Alvin Ooi on how to use the Playme AR Creator.

Intrigued by the content!

Intrigued by the content!

We met many curious and also AR partners that will be forged along the way, including from Bangladesh, Thailand and also Taiwan! The crowd on day one and day two was very much different and this is a good thing, having two different segments is always better than same one.

Next comes the wefie of MaGIC and Startups!

Playmear Wefie

Playmear MaGIC & Startups Wefie

The whole group was a lively one and it helps brighten the Malaysian Pavillion and some experience that we found is that the more enthusiast we are about our product the better it helps to influence others and ahem investors! We also notice that sometimes not all investors will visit the booth of every startups so do make sure to walk around the event with your name card ready and stop any investors that may be walking around the event. We managed to grab  a couple of would be investors contacts through this method.

Cheryl Yeoh's War Stories

Cheryl Yeoh’s War Stories

Before ending Day One, Cheryl Yeoh CEO of MaGIC sat down and opened a round sharing session with the startups and was listening to Giden Lim from Bloomthis to know what situation they are and how she can help them out. She then shares her startup war story which i feel really relates to how many of us are feeling at the moment. She mentioned a few things, make sure your startup have enough runway to last, at least 6 months of runway and make sure to list out your List A, B, and C investor list before hunting down any investors and blindly wasting time at the wrong investor. She shared that value and mystique goes hand in hand, startups have to generate buzz of themselves and also think of it as value proposition whereby startups are the prize and how to make investors keen to invest in us! Things such as traction, monthly active users, revenue, and growth are the beautiful traits in this startup ecosystem! So work on them while keeping the investors updated to the situation so that closing a round is possible in 2-3 months time!

We end the day with a meeting for the top 15 to pitch in a private event for investors. Hope can raise funds soon!

Shussh meeting time with Evelyn!

Shussh meeting time with Evelynn!

The day ended with this meeting and Evelyn was like our group leader, leading us with the schedules and know-hows! Thanks Evelyn! We ended the day with a bang and Day Two will get even better!

Day TWO 23 June 2015

We had a light morning breakfast and resume our conference day with a light bread and 2 half boiled eggs! Today was the day where i learnt that having an awesome friendship among startup leaders are what helps us to grow more, they’ve been through and gone through experiences and can relate to us more easily. Ray Chung from Wonderlist is someone i like to give thanks and with his guidance on how to explain your valuation and proper visioning, he really did helped us to grow alot in the span of two days!

Ray Chung from Wonderlist

Ray Chung from Wonderlist

The amazing friend that was helping guide me throughout the conversation and when a man is really kind, he gives. Ray taught me the lesson from a financial background perspective, being a financial graduate himself and also years of experience as a real estate agent. He said “Prepare on the how and what you want to spend with the investment and be sure to prepare an end goal for your investors” and taught me how to prepare by aiming how many paid users by 1 year time and what is the value it provides in a year. He also mentioned that “Investors don’t want to be there when you made it, they wanna follow you on the journey to IPO or EXIT, you got to show them a destination with statistics (traction) or (validation).” Thank you bro!

Iz, Alvin and Giden!

Iz, Alvin and Giden!

The next one on the list is Bloomthis co-founder Giden Lim whom we find very respectable as he managed to grow his startup on a 300% growth in 2 months time. He shows the sales record and its coming in at the same day on Day Two! He taught us how he grew his startup with just social media, blogging, guest blog by a local blog star and also being active on Instagram which is where most of his clients are! This gives me the motivation that we’re moving towards the right direction and i will also be sharing Playme AR’s learning and journey of earning our first 1000 users!

Invest on Board by Turkish Airlines

Invest on Board by Turkish Airlines

Next stop a impromptu video interview with the Turkish Airlines “Invest On Board” where they collect videos of startups and showcase them to potential investors flying with Turkish Airlines. Alvin Ooi did the interview for and Ray managed to submit his video interview as well. This was then proceeded into our next investment pitch of 3 minutes of pitch and also 1 minute for questions.

Printcious Twins!

Printcious Twins!

The pitch went well and many of the Malaysian startups did their best explaining their startups and many great and funny ones. One particularly stand out is Vincent Tong’s which focus on DIY gift printing platform that are able to print anything from mugs, t-shirts and much more! Expect something exciting from the Printcious guys with PlaymeAR soon!

Winners of Echelon 2015!

Winners of Echelon 2015!

The event went well into the evening and as the two day Echelon event comes to an end, there is the announcement of the Echelon Winners of 2015! Three startups from Asia won the event with PawnHero representing Philippines, myRealTrip representing South Korea, and ChaseFutures representing Malaysia!

Christy from

Christy from

Imagine meeting some of Malaysia’s heavyweight startups such as! She’s an amazing lady with amazing vision to revolutionise the women shoes industry with her designer made shoes and not to mention Do It Yourself shoes!

Featuring which has made revenue early on and has grown in KL and neighbouring cities! We did not manage to connect but we do know they are kicking *censored* in the logistics industry in Malaysia! Great to provide such a service that allows people to schedule and hire lorries for transportation and daily business logistics!

After Party of Day Two!

After Party of Day Two!

Every event is not complete without a proper after party! This was no different as well! The last night after party was a blast to remember by and just by looking at the queue to the club shows the full house event!

Supper session with Warren!

Supper session with Warren!

The days in Singapore also won’t be complete without a mamak supper session with the great people! Warren Leow from MaGIC leads the round into a surprisingly good supper food, *i guess we were too hungry after the setting up and networking session!*

Partnerships in Singapore

Partnerships in Singapore

Partnership in Singapore 2

Partnership in Singapore 2

Partnerships in Singapore being pushed forward with Jong Kim and Tom, both awesome people from Singapore and fascinating thing is they all met Iz Phang before in Penang, Malaysia!

Well guys, that was the last night at Singapore and the next day was some light breakfast with future Singapore Partners for and also catchup with fellow MaGIC at our usual morning kopitiam with Ray Chung from Wonderlist, Giden Lim from Bloomthis, and Abner from Postoexpress!

See you guys!
Alvin Ooi
“Simple Augmented Reality Online Software”

Giving Life to Prints.

Can Augmented Reality be used in Marketing Campaigns

So you have heard of Augmented Reality also known as AR or even seen what Augmented Reality “AR” is. Well if you don’t to many of those that still clueless what augmented reality is then you should read on. It’s normal as statistics have shown that Augmented Reality apps is only about less than 100 million in total overall in global reach therefore it isn’t weird that many still don’t know what is augmented reality. Some that seen this will lament that it is a improved version of QR codes which is not the same thing. Its almost like comparing apples and oranges. QR codes uses image recognition technology the same as augmented reality does but Playme’s AR functions different is that it allows virtual overlays of digital content over the reality view such as pictures below. 

Playme AR App - Overlaying the Digital over Reality.

Playme AR App – Overlaying the Digital over Reality.

As the world is getting hyped up with mobile & digital marketing, don’t forget that augmented reality can provide a lot of content into your marketing arsenal. Do take notice that many of the marketing still features print advertising over the forms of just paper, such as mugs, caps, magazines, posters and much more! As Pitney Bowes survey, a rough 76% of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy would involve a combination of both print and digital marketing.

From our experience, it appears marketers are not so sure with the possible applications of augmented reality and the benefits it can bring to existing print marketing strategies and also its engagement levels to improve brand awareness. This is also the few reasons why Playme AR decided to write this post and content.

If your brand has offline presence such as shops, retails, or events, Augmented Reality can really be used to enhance the print marketing tools of your flyers, brochures, banners and billboards and enhances your marketing campaign out. 

So… What is Augmented Reality?


Augmented Reality is as the name suggested, augmenting the reality around us. To put it into geek terms, it is to overlay a digitalised / digitalized material that is superimposed or floats on top of any physical prints or objects. This technology was first mentioned of by L. Frank Baum back in 1901, and was further developed by Steve Mann in 1980s and was called Augmediated Reality whereby he created a glass called EyeTap.

It is not until Hirokazu Kato, a Japanese created the open-sourced ‘ARToolKit‘ back in the early 2000’s that allow developers and engineers to combined digital graphics on top of the reality world.

View a sample video of Playme AR in action and augmented reality in tourism or art galleries to be exact.

Augmented Reality connect Digital Online with Offline World

On the years when QR Codes dominates the print world, nowadays the world is getting shifted by augmented reality scanners and it is formed with several Augmented Reality software providers. Many of which are solving a certain niche problems and offering variety of solutions to the industry. Augmented Reality apps allows users or business to connect their prints with virtual content and gaining analytics in the same time to monitor the offline campaigns.

As marketing is becoming more and more dense, it is hard to compete in the world without offering engagement or content to users and many have voiced that they are churning out 70% more content compared to last year as mentioned by Content Marketing Institute.

Print or Offline Promotion

Print or Offline Promotion

Print is shown to be on second placing with the good form of other ways to promote brands to consumers and many are investing heavily on videos, contents, high engaging contents and even interactive contents! It is also estimated that in 2015 around $18.5 billion will be spent on digital and online media, it will be surpassing all other mediums (The Guardian). Having Augmented Reality increasing the interactivity and bringing digital media to the world of prints around the world. As seen from the different aspects of advertising and promotion, having presence in the physical world still holds value and important element for branding

Such statistics shows the need for an more engaging approach to showcasing your product or services and the rise of media consuming is higher now than ever before with 44.9% spent on media in a day (eMarketer).

Consumers in the 21st century are more tech savvy than generations before, so this is how Augmented Reality can be brought into the marketing campaign to bridge the gap have long poison the prints as a disadvantage position against digital mediums. It works with smartphones and mobile devices which allows the Augmented Reality apps enriching the print experience and faster connectivity to more readily available content.

A great example is how Augmented Reality is used to bring alive the classic Moby Dick books for children to better illustrate the story and imagination!

Moby Dick Augmented Reality

Moby Dick Augmented Reality

Note: We at Playme AR would like to express that Augmented Reality is not full solid replacement for all your marketing activities and it should be considered as one of the marketing arsenal to enhancing your marketing content to your audience. It is a digital media investment and not a hype!

How To Apply Augmented Reality To Your Marketing Campaigns

The unlimited possibilities of Augmented Reality only means that the applications are by your creativity and imagination! Once you know the basics of the marketing objectives and the possibilities of Augmented Reality you can work towards such specifics objectivies.  Augmented Reality can be used to enhance your product information, promotion of a brand new product, increase in sales or marketing a particular services.

Here’s a 5 examples of Augmented Reality Ideas with Playme AR Creator.

1. Augmented Reality Video –  Instant Trailer of New Products/Services.

Video is fast becoming the medium for content showcase and also good form for explanation of the products and services. Most business have at least created one video for their business and most are left in Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo collecting dust without promotion.  Many businesses have presence offline and forms of sales pitch are in brochures, flyers or posters. These can allow marketers to bring their videos onto the physical presence of their retail and prints.

Simplon Line in Switzerland (by Arjan den Boer)

Simplon Line in Switzerland (by Arjan den Boer)

If your business have flyers, brochures, posters and prints advertising, AR can help in bridging the offline and online gap thus increasing the value of the print media. This can be enhanced with AR video to showcase the product story or even a slight tease of what the product can do to solve their problems. This can also be enhance to bring users to a landing page of your product and convert them into joining a newsletter or signup for the new property project. It is also great to use as an extension of a bigger marketing campaign that compasses of digital and offline presence.

2. Hologram Sales Woman to showcase Property & Products

We have heard how Microsoft Hololens can change the world works in the future. Lets not wait and get to it now, Augmented Reality Apps such as Playme AR App can allow marketers to present their real life sales team over the product or sales brochure.

Hologram Sales Girl

Hologram Sales Girl

Customers may take their time to enjoy the content and enjoy the engaging hologram sales person over a period of time. Many clients prefer a hardcopy to ensure a valid and solid presence of the brand, which can be used to refer later on. Marketers can take this future with adding a Hologram to explain the products and even showcasing a real life client hologram with testimonials.

Buttons can be added to bring customers to landing page, checkout pages, or call button to the helpdesk for more information!

3. Adding A 3D Asset To Your Print Materials (Flyers, Brochure, Poster).

Real estate industries love this! Remember the days of bulky modelled buildings and the hassle of moving it around once it is assembled? Not to mention expensive to build for each project, what if Augmented Reality can extend that reach to each and every property brochures and flyers of the project?

Real Estate Augmented Reality

Real Estate Augmented Reality

Potential customers can now show their partners the look and feel of the property at anytime without the need for going over to the showcase units to view a glimpse of their dream house or property. Augmented Reality has disrupt how real estate selling is going to be in the years to come. These 3D application is not only restricted to properties and real estate as other industries can use the 3D to showcase the products, parts or items effectively! There are many brands that have used 3D augmented reality in their marketing with Lego, Mitsubishi and many more!

4. Augmented Reality 360 Degree View on Tourism, Real Estate, and Much More!

Have you ever wondered why tour agencies advertise with the destination in mind? It is to entice you feel as if you are there and also to give you a glimpse of what it could be like being there in the destination sipping margaritas and sunny beach!

Augmented Reality Apps can now give business a more bang for the buck with the 360 degree view functionality overlaying their existing print advertising and allowing more business to be more immersive than just a regular picture of the Hawaii beaches and Penthouse interior look.

360 Degree View

360 Degree View

The application can also give users a glimpse of the area they are going into before purchasing the travel package, or even the property itself, or the interior design that is computer generated before choosing the wrong design. This is also one of the marketing tactics of “try first, buy later” memo that allows users to feel how certain things look like before deciding and purchasing.

Augmented Reality 360 Degree View can be utilized in many industry such as tourism, business, real estate, interior design, theme parks, and much more!

5. Augmented Reality in Events & Showcases

Have you seen in shopping malls where public users play with a big LED screens that showcase a different reality than what they are standing? The National Geographic popularise this idea with creative animations and promoting the brands dominance over the nature and its expertise in nature documentaries.

National Geographic AR

National Geographic AR

Augmented Reality Kiosks

Augmented Reality Kiosks

Augmented Reality in events has many functions and comes in great size and content. Big business can use augmented reality interactivity as a crowd grabber in public spaces and also to launch great marketing campaigns across all areas.


Are You Ready For Your Augmented Reality Marketing?

This is our thoughts and ideas in creatively creating proper Augmented Reality Apps and ideas that is not only gimmicky but with a marketing purpose. We at Playme AR are really interested in what you can share and ideas.

If you believe AR can help in your marketing campaign and is looking to integrate this into your marketing strategy, feel free to contact us!

We do custom Augmented Reality Apps, and also Playme AR Creator that is our very own Simple Augmented Reality Creator Software which allows users to create their own Augmented Reality experiences over our Web AR Creator. 

Psst. Pardon our self promotion.

Well,  See you guys soon!
Playme AR Team.

Do-It-Yourself Souvenir Gift Printing Set

Have you ever wondered how mugs and t-shirt have pictures that are hot-printed into them? has been around for quite sometime and they are known for their do-it-yourself type of printing products and supplies. Imagine if you can have your own Souvenir Gift Printing Set and do it yourself for your friends and family! 

DIY Printing Set

DIY Printing Set

Gifts printing were previously thought be industrial made only, but now it is as simple as purchasing a set of printing set and supplies. You can also see the mug printing machine that is simple to implement into any rounded surface. The printing machine can also print on phone casing and all memorable items!

Iphone Casing

Iphone Casing

Another example of that just printed the images and photos onto an iphone casing. There is a few ways to printing the images onto different surfaces. How do you print images onto different surfaces? I will share with you the different methods on printing onto t-shirts and much more. 

Sublimation Printing:

Sublimation printing allows you to apply the inks through high temperature & pressure in 1 minute onto dryfit, jersey, polyester, microfiber and etc. It can also be used on coated surface such as coated mugs, plates and much more. Sublimation printing uses the sublimation ink & also sublimation paper in the printing process. 

Check out the video from


Transfer Printing:

This is probably the more common on fabrics such as polyester tee, caps, cotton tees and etc. This method uses a printing style that uses the pigment ink and transfer paper in the process to transfer the design onto the fabric surface. Transfer papers comes in two different types which are separated by a light-based for white colour T-shirts and dark-based transfer paper for colour T-shirts. We were told from that they uses ATT brands original transfer paper. 

Check out how to transfer printing:


Vinyl Printing: 

Vinyl is also another famous method used on different type of materials and is somehow similar that it uses its own vinyl transfer films such as PUGlitterReflective, Hologram or Flock types of materials. Vinyl printing is usually limited to a colour of printing. The steps are such; artwork is designed then outline is sent to a vinyl cutter/plotter to cut. Next step would be to remove the unwanted vinyl to be heated onto the fabric. 

Check this video for Vinyl Printing:

So feel free to contact for the starter pack for your family to enjoy together or even for your particular school and also colleges. Having such machine can help in fundraising for a certain campaign as the need is only manual labour and initial investment. Hope you enjoy yourselves and talk to you guys soon!



10 Cool Free Fonts Designers Use!

It goes without saying that when a designer designs, they design with a certain set of tools they are accustom to and familiar with,  so these are some of the fonts we’ve discover to be just that set of tools!

I also notice that the right font choice makes things easier and conveys different sets of feelings according to the images. Don’t worry, we at Playmear have been using some of these free fonts for sometime and we’d like to share what we’ve been using to you guys!

Websites, posters, brochures that have the right set of free fonts and typography generally speaks better messages compared to a more wrong tone sets of fonts. Here are some examples of fonts we at Playme AR used and also from a set of polls we asked fellow designers from academies and online. 


10 best free fonts


These are some of the fonts frequently used by Playme AR team and also trending fonts that are found in CreativeBloq,  Pickcrew, and Hongkiat. A note, Pickcrew are the guys that created the 10 High Resolution Stock Photos that are free for use every day called Unsplash



Myriad Pro Font

Myriad Pro Font

Myriad Pro was designed by Robert Slimbach & Carol Twombly, It is widely use by all designers from web to papers and banners. It has a warm and makes sense to the eyes as results from the humanistic placement of the letter proportions and design details. Myriad was design to have clean open shapes and precise letter fit. It works great with simple art direction and status quo. 


Roboto Slab

Roboto Slab

Roboto Slab was created by Christian Robertson, with the intention to be geometrical and also at the same time featuring friendly and smooth curves. The font made with the sense of being discipline and uniform, which makes them look natural to the eyes. Mainly used to showcase a difference to standards and uniqueness to the human eyes. Roboto Slab is the serious yet fun looking that is a free font. 


lato font

lato font

Lato is the font that was coined and created by Łukasz Dziedzic in the summer of 2010. The sans serif typeface family is made in Warsaw and “Lato” means “Summer” in Polish. With the support from Google, Lato family typeface is now under the Open Font License. He made this font to conceive as a set of corporate fonts for a large client which in the end went in a different style direction.  Playme AR uses this font a lot for corporate and also serious yet happy tone. This is a free font used by many designers across the world.




Oswald is a free font that is created by Vernon Adams. It is a rework of the classical style of ‘Alternate Gothic’ of sans serif typeface. Its character have been reformed for better fit and also re-drawn to match the pixel grid of our daily standard digital screens. Oswald is made to be a free font and was intended to use by web browsers on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Playme uses Oswald in many of our proposals. It is updated in September 2012 after many users’ feedback to add glyph refinements and also tighter spacing and kerning. 

Museo Slab

museo slab

museo slab

Museo Slab is a very robust slab serif that is coupled with the well-known Museo. It can do many nice type tricks on its own and was designed by Jos Buivenga in Arnhem. He founded Font Foundry in 2004 and is most known for making his Museo font family.


Bebas Neue Font

Bebas Neue Font

Bebas Neue is an open source based typefont and was released in 2005. It was created by Ryoichi Tsunekawa and has since grown to be somewhat of a “Free” Helvetica. This font was published as a free font by the Dharma Type Foundry. 

Tikal Sans

Tikal Sans

tikal sans

Tikal Sans is a Mayan inspired sharp-ended strokes with influence from the South American civilization glyphs. Latinotype Foundry gave this font a direction for friendly appeal and its thickness for maximum versatility.
It is a free font but only available in medium and medium italic. 





The Ubuntu Font Family are sets of matching open fonts developed during 2010-2011. It was developed with funds from Canonical Ltd on behalf of the Ubuntu project. This technical font design is undertaken by Dalton Maag and implemented by him. This font is sexy yet serious at the same time and is also a free font under the google font program. 


Droid Sans

Droid Sans

A humanist sans serif typeface that is designed by Steve Matteson. Steve is type director of Ascender Corp and Droid Sans was created and optimised for maximum reading even at small sizes user interfaces. Its main intended for menus on mobile phone screens and also small devices. It was also designed with Android in mind hence the Android-referencing name. It is a free font for designers to use in their web designs and mobile designs.


Kreon Font


The font where Playme AR team loves to use as the typography for our brochure and flyers.  Kreon is a free font that was designed to suit magazine, news and brochures as well as blogs. This happy looking serif is designed by Julia Petretta with a slight slab feel to it. Its low-contrast letterforms and balanced form allows it to convey the personality of a more neutral typewriter and also giving the  feeling that is ideal for headlines.


These are some of the fonts our Playme AR Designer teams frequently uses and also most of other designers have in their typography arsenal. What works best for which situation and also what is best for certain platforms all depends on the mood that you want to create. We believe some fonts work best for certain situation and others work best to capture attention. Do let the team know what works best for you and why you think so in the comments below!

Psst, we’d love to know more of what others feel is good as well! 😛

Thank you for reading and hope you find this informational! 

Playme Augmented Reality Creator Coming Soon!

Playme AR is just getting started, and we’ve receive overwhelming responses from you our eager early adopters and customers! We are very thankful and happy at the same time at the huge response! Playme Augmented Reality Creator 1.0 is coming to your finger tips soon and we’ll be allowing our early users a free 2 AR Designs (Credits) to use our platform and test them out!

Here’s a sneak peak into what our Augmented Reality Creator can do for an average joe (or marketers) like us that wants to bring digital interactivity to their prints, advertising channel and much more!

Easy Augmented Reality Creator

Features that will be available!

  • Easy Image upload functions
  • DIY Drag & Drop placement without coding
  • Custom button placement with link capability
  • Social buttons placement for social engagement
  • Color changing buttons to match the print designs
  • Alpha Channel function for intermediate users
  • Library to manage your AR Designs

These are just the start of our functions and features of the AR Creator version 1.0!
We’re getting warmed up to bring more goodies to help you make the best of AR for your personal campaign or even business campaign!

Feel free to comment below to let us know what else do you need from us!

We’ll be in contact with our registered users soon!

10 Methods to Improve Time Management Skills


Oh just look at the time… It’s almost lunch time!

There are times that we always complain about lack of time and wished we had more than just 24 hours. Especially those stressful moments when you had too much workload and there are several tasks that you need to settle for the upcoming deadline?

Or you did wondered that you can use your time effectively to complete your task without stressing over too much?

Now where is my 'stress' button...

Now where is my ‘stress’ button…

Actually, there are tonnes of methods to manage your time effectively. If you could manage your time well, you can really, really reduce your stress levels; and sometimes it even boost your productivity due to reduced stress!

Time management is a skill that everyone can learn and improve; the learning process it varies among people due to different methods/styles they approach when learning something new. It is the same as for you; find out what is the best way to learn and improve your skills!

Here are the 10 ways to improve time management skills that you can employ to manage your time effectively and increase your productivity as well.

1. Delegate Tasks:


Delegate your tasks; you will be thankful for that.

Sometimes, we tend to take up tasks that are beyond our capabilities; this eventually leads to stress and burnouts for not being able to execute the tasks effectively.

No, delegation is not running away from your responsibilities but rather, it allows you to pick up your own tasks based on your own and your co-workers’ strengths and weaknesses. This allows everyone to work on their tasks effectively and efficiently; which in turn, reduces everybody’s stress as well!

2. Prioritize Work:


Put aside low priority tasks, focus on important ones first.

Before you start off your day, write up a list of things that requires the most attention and those which are less of a priority. This way, you can focus on some top priority tasks that needs to be completed within a day; as the low priority ones can consume much of your valuable time and those can be pushed to the next day.

3. Avoid Procrastination:


Fine, I better do my work now or I won’t get it done anytime soon.

Well this might be obvious, but we tend to procrastinate at times and is bad for productivity.

Avoid procrastination at all cost since it really wastes precious time and energy; not only it poses a major problem on your carrier, it can also affect your personal life as personal tasks will get delayed indefinitely with zero progress.

4. Schedule Tasks:


Schedule your tasks so you’ll have a plan to follow.

It might sound tedious, but it actually helps since you’ll have a plan to follow.

It is best that you carry a planner, a notebook, or even use your smartphone! With that, you can easily list down any tasks that comes into your mind; at anytime and anywhere you want! For starters, you can write up a simple “to do” list before starting off your day also do keep in mind that those tasks are realistic and achievable.

From there, you can start sorting out tasks based on priority/importance and this method would be much effective if you can split the tasks based on work, home and personal stuffs.

5. Avoid Stress:


Take your time off a little while, your body and mind will thank you.

Stress, something that we face everyday; it gradually worsens if you take up more work that is beyond you abilities. This will tax up not just your mind, but your body as well; which in turn, affects your productivity.

What can you do about it? Well, you can delegate those tasks to your juniors and take some time off to release your steam of stress. Your mind and body will appreciate it and this will most likely restore your productivity levels.

6. Set Up Deadlines:


What? Tomorrow is the deadline already?

If you have any tasks to do, set up a realistic deadline and go for it! This will make you challenge yourself and bring the best out of you in order to meet the deadline. If you achieved a difficult challenge, reward yourself and you would feel like an achiever; which in turn makes you feel more motivated to complete other tasks!

In my personal experience, this really motivates me to do my work at my best. Without realistic deadlines, I tend to procrastinate more; which reduces my productivity.

7. Avoid Multitasking:


Great, now things are geting messy.

We always thought that multitasking would enable us to complete more tasks within a time frame. While this might be true on theory, but in reality, that just won’t work – it might even worsen the productivity values!

Back to square one by focusing and concentrate all your work on a single task; you’ll tend to do better with it without distractions or worries that – which definitely hamper your productivity.

8. Start Early:


Start your day early and get going!

Remember the proverb “the early bird catches the worm”? It applies in productivity matters too! When you start of your day, your mind tends to be calm, clear-headed and creative at the same time! Take advantage of this situation by thinking and planning what should you do for the rest of the day.

When the day goes on (especially after you had lunch!), the energy level tends to fall down; make you feel drowsy and less effective in thinking and executing your tasks – you’ll not be performing as well as during the morning. So yes, avoid starting your day late and plan ahead during your mornings for better productivity.

9. Take Some Breaks:


Now if I can just take my break near at the beach..

As mentioned at point number 5, stress really takes a toll on your mind and body; which reduces your productivity.

Find yourself some 10-15 minutes and take a break from your work. Some of the best stress relieving methods are: perform some quick stretches, talk a walk and listen to some relaxing music. You can even chat with your co-workers, friends or your family but don’t take too much of your time though; that would be counter-productive instead.

10. Learn to say No:


No, I won’t keep calm at all.

Admit it, sometimes we fear negative things might happen during work if you refuse additional tasks.

It is okay to refuse additional tasks if you already have tonnes of work that you’ll have to deal with. Just politely refuse the extra tasks and they will understand if you have tonnes of work to do.

To determine either you can take up extra tasks; check out your “to do” list (you should be making one already!) before agreeing to do so – this will result in less stress since you don’t have too much work in your hands.


Good luck and have fun on improving your time management skills!

Courtesy of Playme AR team!
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