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Technology is always one step further into the future for the better of mankind in terms of making, techniques, crafts, usage, machines, computers and much more! These are all made to improve our lives and humans lifestyle…

Westpac Augmented Reality (AR) Banking App

Courtesy of Westpac

Courtesy of Westpac

Courtesy of Westpac

Courtesy of Westpac

Courtesy of Westpac

Courtesy of Westpac

Do you find yourself keep spending and spending until you have no money left? By the way, most people do not track what they are spending for and may not realize as well. Spending is fun right? In this matter, Westpac New Zealand has launched its 1st mobile app with augmented reality called  “Westpac Augmented Reality (AR)  Banking App” for customers. With augmented reality technology, it become much simpler to manage your money. It is a mobile app which users are able to manage their bank account without doubt. All customers were asked to name  a banking service and has to set up the app once the app is downloaded. The bank will deliver their best digital banking experience to the customers.

Westpac Augmented Reality (AR) Banking

It uses augmented reality technology and its 3D imagery to check credit and debit card balances, view history transactions and spending locations, able to categorize spending period and other features. This app gives an ease to use to customers as they are always driving change and transformation through their uptake of new technology which is become their needs and acts. Both Westpac Visa and Westpac Mastercard can be used on Augmented Reality Banking App.


  • Check credit and debit card balances
  • View history transactions and spending locations
  • Able to categorize spending period
  • Make payments
  • Alerted when the payments are due
  • Find the closest Westpac NZ branch and ATM Global Alliance machine

All features use 3D imagery and bring them to life with information.

Advantages of Westpac Augmented Reality (AR) Banking App

  • Customers will be able to understand their money spending patterns after using of this app.
  • Customers will be able to view their available balance (debit and credit)
  • Customers will be able to see the last 5 purchases done from their credit card account.

*Note: The AR app is available only on any iOS smart device and can be downloaded from the Apple Store.


What do you think?

Do you think this augmented reality technology helps the customers make payments much better and easier? Do you like to use this app?
Feel free to share us your thoughts.

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4 Simple Ways to Organize Google Drive

By using Google Drive, users can save their files into the cloud that consist ranging from documents (Word documents, Excel sheets, etc) to personal files such as photos, videos and so on! It’s just like your store room; you place all your stuff there without organizing it.

Since Google Drive provides multiple plans with varying storage space, it is pretty easy to clutter up your Google Drive if you just upload all your files to it.

Fret not! We present you these 4 simple ways to organize your Google Drive.

1. Check out what’s taking up space


The pie chart tells you which Google service is taking up your space

It is pretty easy to fill up a 15 GB storage space if you’re using the basic plan. Your Google Drive can quickly fill up with possibly forgotten files that you may not need anymore, so it’s better to clear off those unused files and be wiser to use your limited free space in the future.

To check out how many GBs are your Gmail, Drive and Google+ taking up, click on the “Manage” option at the bottom left corner.

If you’re using the new Google Drive layout, hover to the “Buy more storage” option at the bottom left corner and click on the “Drive” section. It will show you which files are taking up the most space.

You can also use the free app Unclouded if you have any Google Play-compatible devices; it shows you which files are taking up the most space (it can also list by category like music, pictures and so on), checks for duplicated files which might be taking up your precious space in any of your cloud storage services and so on!

2. Color-code your files


Feeling more visual? Change the color of a file for a better recognition!

If you find colors are easier to identify your folders, right-click the folder of your choice and select “Change Color.” There are 24 colors to chose from.

Now you can enjoy all those rainbow colored folders that you’ve always wanted!

3. File numbering


You can sort your files with the presented options

If you know which folders and/or files are more important or are frequently accessed; you can number them from most important to least important. Of course, don’t forget to sort your files by “Name”. So whenever you access your Drive next time, those important files/folders will show up first.

Right-click the file of your choice, click “Rename” and well, number them according to your liking. Just don’t confuse yourself with the same numbers.

4. Add star to your folders and/or files


Add stars to your folders or files to highlight it

Why does the “add star” option looks so familiar? Well that is because it is the same function from Gmail! You can star whichever files or even folders you deem as your favorite/important/urgent; by right-clicking a folder/file and select “Add star”.

Do keep in mind that the more you star different items, the less useful that option becomes. Unless, you really fancy stars on your folder/files; then you’ll hope that Google will add shining stars in the future.


Give those methods a try and you might be surprised on how all these little things do help on organizing your Google Drive!

Top 5 SEO’s Google Chrome Extensions

What kind of web browser are you currently using? Internet Explorer? Apple Safari? Mozilla Firefox? Opera Browser? Google Chrome?
As we know, everyone knows Google Chrome is fast, light, secure and ease of use. If you are SEOs, internet marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs, use these extensions on your Chrome to identify how well a website’s search traffics and rankings are. All these features will helps you to perform the online marketing tasks much simpler. It will help you to get more closer to Google Chrome as well (Download Google Chrome). As a result, here are the list of Top 5 SEO’s Google Chrome Extensions.

1. SeoQuake

This SEO extension is absolutely reliable for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,  Apple Safari and Opera that will give you a very quick outlook about the topic and site depending on what you are searching for. This will also help you to get some of the stats for your search result as well as including number of index pages in Google and Bing,  SEO parameters, Alexa Rank, Facebook Likes and Twitter tweets.

Courtesy of SeoQuake

(Download SeoQuake)

2. SEO for Chrome

This “SEO for Chrome” extension is almost similar to “SeoQuake” The difference is; it provides SEO tools, all reports and statistics which are very details such as number of indexed page, backlink status, traffic status, rankings, social media status and etc. This addon also gives you very quick and fast look at website insight and displays all regarding the details of cached and domain.


(Download SEO for Chrome)

3. Woorank

I would recommend to anyone to use this extension “Woorank”. It is a SEO & Website Analysis which gives a lot of aspects and more detailed about SEO report depending on what website you are searching and analyzing for. This tool displays a specific information such as technical stuff (META data, Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt implementation) and also regarding web statistics that contains: SEO basics, visitors, social media status, mobile rendering, links, security, backlinks, technologies and etc.


(Download Woorank)

4. MozBar

MozBar is a great extension too. It helps to show you the load and process time of a website, backlinks and alexa ranks. Very easy to access and user-friendly wise. You can do custom searching whenever you want too, and there will be a quick bar review on the bottom of each website link. It also includes detailed metrics with SERP Overlay and analysis page.


(Download MozBar)

5. Open SEO Stats – Formerly known as PageRank Status

An ease to use extension called “Open SEO Stats” known as All-In-One type extension; which includes to access the Google PageRank (PR), Alexa Ranks, and other specific features. Features such as indexed pages, Whois, IP address, backlinks, cached pages, socials and etc are the key for you to use this tool effectively.  It is so great to help you become more essential.


(Download Open SEO Stats)


If you are SEOs, internet marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs use these extensions to help you greatly in SEO. Why not try it all? Do you use any other SEO’s Chrome extensions? Let us know on the comments section below. Feel free to mention any of these extensions.


Top 5 Augmented Reality Games of 2014

Do you ever think that video games would come alive in 3 Dimensional (3D) space instead only been displayed on the computer monitor or television? Well here it goes… With Augmented Reality games, this would become imaginable. Fresh ideas and innovations are captivating almost every month on Augmented Reality (AR). Together with that, gamers are able to delight more interactive and user experience in a different way than normal gamers. It brings out the different gameplay options, perspective, and the ability to work together with games directly rather than through keyboards, joysticks or controllers. And now if you are interested and ready to know? Well here are the list of the Top 5 Augmented Reality Games of 2014.

1. Tesco – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Augmented Reality Game

A major reboot has been through on the Spider-Man story after the release of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 complete, together with a blockbusting Augmented Reality (AR) game and photo experience developed by Engine Creative.  This technology has been created for Tesco as a part of the Tesco Discover Augmented Reality and marketing strategy with an innovative digital user experience as well as user-friendly. Thus, an engaging mobile experiences for users will tremendously appear. This apps can be played by snapping any of Spider-Man photos, products, images, toys or in store POS banners.

*Note: Across 300 Tesco stores only.

Download it and play (iOS and Android):


2. Google’s Ingress

This Augmented Reality game of Google called Ingress produced by Niantic Labs, which based on geo-location has been popular for quite some time now. It is so immersive, where users have 2 factions to control the virtual world; The Resistance and The Enlightened. At first, it launched only for Android users, but now iOS users can play this phenomenal game. This real life location game virtually takes place in any of the two teams and collect the Exotic Matter (XM for short). This Exotic Matter has the power control to mechanism human thought and always leaking into our world via various portals. To know more about this AR game, have fun and discover by yourself; download it and play now.

Download it and play (iOS and Android):


3. Table Ice Hockey

What about this Augmented Reality game? Only can be played on Playstation Vita.  Table Ice Hockey has been listed one of the top rated Playstation Store’s AR games. It uses the Playstation Vita to virtually put an entire hockey rink on your living room table or any places where you like it and of course you can view the action game from different angles. See, how cool is that? This AR game include features such as tournament and multiplayer modes, team customization, etc. This is the cool way to bring back the hockey rink home.

4. Pokedex 3D Pro

Are you a Pokemon hardcore fan? If you have played other Pokemon games before, then you will definitely love this game too. This Pokedex 3D Pro game uses Augmented Reality, which allows gamers to use the “AR viewer mode” in order to view Pokemon characters from every generation in a 3D animated form. This game have many differences of challenge modes where gamers can test their pokemon identification skills developed by Nintendo.

5. Drakerz – Confrontation

Pokemon? Yugi-Oh? Magic: The Gathering? It is been awhile, trading card games has been playable online. This Augmented Reality (AR) trading card game called “Drakerz – Confrontation” uses AR to bring trading cards come to life in a form of 3D animated monsters.  The monsters are known as Drakos. This game is currently available on the Steam Store.  Gamers are required to use a camera webcam to observe and watch the 3D monsters appear out from the cards and battle on each other for the victory. Isn’t it really cool?

What are you waiting for? Start trying them now!

Do you have any other AR games which you think should be on this list? What other AR games do you like? Share your insights and thoughts in the comments section below.

Feel free to let us know if you have seen others better or great ideas below.


5 Amazing Augmented Reality Apps

Gesture-based interface? Kinect? Hologram? Virtual reality?  Have you seen and watch Minority Report movie before? Now, we can imagine that Augmented Reality apps and it trends has been tremendously emerging to the next level. Here’s are the lists of 5 Amazing Augmented Reality apps that provides something interesting to the users around the world.

1. Google’s Ingress

Some users might disagree it. Eventually, we can see Ingress is one of the top AR apps of the year because it suspend disbelief and intellectually immerse the person in to the virtual world.  It is an immersive, geo-location apps based AR game produced by Niantic Labs, a division of Google.

The Resistance and The Enlightened, are the two main fighting factions; they battle for controlling and sawing the Earth. This apps was opened to the public and allows users to join and create their own missions to escape into our world.

Download it and play (iOS and Android):


2.  TruLife Optics

After several years of developing, TruLife Optics has launched an optical holographic technology which bring us to the next level for those who are interested in Augmented Reality (AR). It is the world’s leading optical component developer for wearable augmented reality devices.

3. Penguin Navi 

Don’t you love penguins? Here it goes… The Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo has greatly become popular due to animated AR penguins lead the way to the aquarium. And of course, this Penguin Navi has become the love of Japan, guiding the users, especially tourists who use this apps. No doubt, we love penguins. They are so cute.  Awww….

 4. HomeSpotter

If you wanted to buy a house and find that whether it is a suitable home for you?

Introducing an Augmented Reality apps, HomeSpotter which helps users to see, discover and explore listed properties area while walking on the road. It uses the radar view to determine and detect where the relevant properties is.  Users are able to view the listing by scanning a house using HomeSpotter app.  It make the home buying process much easier, where users have the ability to explore more.

 5. Augmented Reality – Virtual Cash Grab Machine

What if… you could get more money having some fun? What if… the virtual money you caught turned into real money? Does anyone of you could remember that during old school days, there was a booth where you try to catch money as force winds are blown in there? Currently, Grow Financial has changed into a fun interaction with the Virtual Cash Grab Machine.  Now, get more money while shopping with Grow Financial.

In the future, we will know and see that Augmented Reality (AR) is more emerging, evolving, challenging, more interactive, immersive experiences and many more. Thus, Augmented Reality will change the way we live in the future.

Feel free to let us know if you have seen others better or great ideas below.

How does Augmented Reality Work?


Computer games and video games have been entertaining us for almost 30 years, ever since PlayStation One video game console was introduced back to 1986 and was released in Japan and other countries on December 1994.

After that, computer graphics have become more advanced and developed to a high degree of complexity since then. And now, developers, engineers and researchers are obtaining the graphics out of the computer display and turn them into live direct and indirect view of physical world environments.

What is Augmented Reality?

Some people already know what AR is all about, but some of the people don’t.

This current technology, called Augmented Reality (AR) which unite the real and the virtual world by overlaying digital information on to real-world views. It enhances and creates super computer-generated contents based on the real-world environment of what we see, hear, and feel. It is almost and consider closer to the real world environment.

Augmented reality adds graphics, audio, haptic feedback and other components which related to the real world as it exists. Currently, computer games, video games and smartphones are actively the development of augmented reality. With augmented reality displays, it changes the way we view the world; which enhance and reflects the view.

How does Augmented Reality work?

AR applications are commonly use one of these two approaches:

1.  Location-based

Location Augmented Reality Playme AR

Location-based applications use the ability of a particular device to record its position in the world and then offer data that’s relevant to that location: finding your way around a city, remembering where you parked the car, naming the mountains around you or the stars in the sky. Example: Car Finder Augmented Reality

2.  Marker-based


Markers work by having software recognize a particular pattern, such as a barcode or symbol, when a camera points at it, and overlaying a digital image at that point on the screen. If the image is (3D) three-dimensional or animated, the effect is of a digital experience unfolding on the surface upon which the pattern is printed. Example: Click here

A special example would be how IKEA uses augmented reality to bring their furnitures to life using only a print of paper laying on the floor. These can be seen below, whereby a user would view the furniture from their mobile apps and decide if the furniture fits the home environment or not. The picture is placed on the floor and from the tablet users can view the life 3D model of the chair in the living room. How awesome is that?



These are all the many things that can be done with augmented reality and how it can improve the overall experience of our everyday lifestyle and also further showcasing experiences that is not possible without augmented reality!

Feel free to let us know if you have seen other better or great ideas below.

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