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Category: Uncategorized (page 1 of 2) in e27, Echelon Asia Summit Singapore 2015, June 23 – 24 was honoured to have been selected as Malaysia’s MaGIC Top 15 Startups for Echelon Asia Summit Singapore 2015! We are delighted to have been selected and being able to showcase to the Singaporeans and the global audience there with MaGIC.

E27’s Echelon Asia Summit Singapore boast a wide array of audiences with more than 2500 spanning from across Asia with investors, business partners and startups from Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and more!

Some little meaning behind the word of MaGIC or “Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre” headed by the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia and helmed by Cheryl Yeoh and the amazing teammates such as Warren Leow, Evelynn and much more at MaGIC Cyberjaya! e27 echelon singapore


The Journey to Singapore Starts at 3AM Penang Time. 

5AM Flight to MaGIC!

5AM Flight to MaGIC!

Playmear being based in Penang would need Alvin Ooi & Iz Phang to get up at 3AM and be ready for the plane to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). We packed our bags and got into the plane at 5.50AM which allows us to reach KLIA by 6.30AM. Just in time for the Rush Hour, we hop a ride through GrabTaxi and reached MaGIC at 8AM, making us one of the first few to reach MaGIC.

Alas, we have started our journey to Singapore at 9am, The bus was quickly filled with our bags and promotional items! We then proceed on riding it to the Echelon with bustling activities from within the bus with chatters and discussion.

We arrived in Singapore at 4pm and after a brief and quick check-in into the Hotel Capri beside the Singapore Expo, we proceeded to setting up our booth at the event space. We also managed to register first on 22nd to avoid the morning rush that have happened in Tech in Asia’s conference.

Day ONE 22nd June 2015


We are ready for the crowd! However we find the Malaysian Pavillion placement a little awkward with it being placed at the end of the expo, although its infront of the conference hall. The crowd did start to warm up at 11am and we didnt even have the time to drink and eat our lunch.

Experiences on the first day was overwhelming and as we forge alliances with market partners and also introduction to possible investors, we’d like to say the event was very diverse and having met so many different types of industry and market leaders such as SPH, Media Prima, and companies from Bangladesh, Thailand and more!

Alvin Ooi speaking to enthusiasts!

Alvin Ooi speaking to enthusiasts! *eyes closed* hehe.

As there are more and more interested parties approaching the booth and the response was amazing! People from around Asia couldn’t believe their eyes that there is so much exciting startups from Asia and especially Malaysia. People from Kazakhstan was talking to Alvin Ooi on how to use the Playme AR Creator.

Intrigued by the content!

Intrigued by the content!

We met many curious and also AR partners that will be forged along the way, including from Bangladesh, Thailand and also Taiwan! The crowd on day one and day two was very much different and this is a good thing, having two different segments is always better than same one.

Next comes the wefie of MaGIC and Startups!

Playmear Wefie

Playmear MaGIC & Startups Wefie

The whole group was a lively one and it helps brighten the Malaysian Pavillion and some experience that we found is that the more enthusiast we are about our product the better it helps to influence others and ahem investors! We also notice that sometimes not all investors will visit the booth of every startups so do make sure to walk around the event with your name card ready and stop any investors that may be walking around the event. We managed to grab  a couple of would be investors contacts through this method.

Cheryl Yeoh's War Stories

Cheryl Yeoh’s War Stories

Before ending Day One, Cheryl Yeoh CEO of MaGIC sat down and opened a round sharing session with the startups and was listening to Giden Lim from Bloomthis to know what situation they are and how she can help them out. She then shares her startup war story which i feel really relates to how many of us are feeling at the moment. She mentioned a few things, make sure your startup have enough runway to last, at least 6 months of runway and make sure to list out your List A, B, and C investor list before hunting down any investors and blindly wasting time at the wrong investor. She shared that value and mystique goes hand in hand, startups have to generate buzz of themselves and also think of it as value proposition whereby startups are the prize and how to make investors keen to invest in us! Things such as traction, monthly active users, revenue, and growth are the beautiful traits in this startup ecosystem! So work on them while keeping the investors updated to the situation so that closing a round is possible in 2-3 months time!

We end the day with a meeting for the top 15 to pitch in a private event for investors. Hope can raise funds soon!

Shussh meeting time with Evelyn!

Shussh meeting time with Evelynn!

The day ended with this meeting and Evelyn was like our group leader, leading us with the schedules and know-hows! Thanks Evelyn! We ended the day with a bang and Day Two will get even better!

Day TWO 23 June 2015

We had a light morning breakfast and resume our conference day with a light bread and 2 half boiled eggs! Today was the day where i learnt that having an awesome friendship among startup leaders are what helps us to grow more, they’ve been through and gone through experiences and can relate to us more easily. Ray Chung from Wonderlist is someone i like to give thanks and with his guidance on how to explain your valuation and proper visioning, he really did helped us to grow alot in the span of two days!

Ray Chung from Wonderlist

Ray Chung from Wonderlist

The amazing friend that was helping guide me throughout the conversation and when a man is really kind, he gives. Ray taught me the lesson from a financial background perspective, being a financial graduate himself and also years of experience as a real estate agent. He said “Prepare on the how and what you want to spend with the investment and be sure to prepare an end goal for your investors” and taught me how to prepare by aiming how many paid users by 1 year time and what is the value it provides in a year. He also mentioned that “Investors don’t want to be there when you made it, they wanna follow you on the journey to IPO or EXIT, you got to show them a destination with statistics (traction) or (validation).” Thank you bro!

Iz, Alvin and Giden!

Iz, Alvin and Giden!

The next one on the list is Bloomthis co-founder Giden Lim whom we find very respectable as he managed to grow his startup on a 300% growth in 2 months time. He shows the sales record and its coming in at the same day on Day Two! He taught us how he grew his startup with just social media, blogging, guest blog by a local blog star and also being active on Instagram which is where most of his clients are! This gives me the motivation that we’re moving towards the right direction and i will also be sharing Playme AR’s learning and journey of earning our first 1000 users!

Invest on Board by Turkish Airlines

Invest on Board by Turkish Airlines

Next stop a impromptu video interview with the Turkish Airlines “Invest On Board” where they collect videos of startups and showcase them to potential investors flying with Turkish Airlines. Alvin Ooi did the interview for and Ray managed to submit his video interview as well. This was then proceeded into our next investment pitch of 3 minutes of pitch and also 1 minute for questions.

Printcious Twins!

Printcious Twins!

The pitch went well and many of the Malaysian startups did their best explaining their startups and many great and funny ones. One particularly stand out is Vincent Tong’s which focus on DIY gift printing platform that are able to print anything from mugs, t-shirts and much more! Expect something exciting from the Printcious guys with PlaymeAR soon!

Winners of Echelon 2015!

Winners of Echelon 2015!

The event went well into the evening and as the two day Echelon event comes to an end, there is the announcement of the Echelon Winners of 2015! Three startups from Asia won the event with PawnHero representing Philippines, myRealTrip representing South Korea, and ChaseFutures representing Malaysia!

Christy from

Christy from

Imagine meeting some of Malaysia’s heavyweight startups such as! She’s an amazing lady with amazing vision to revolutionise the women shoes industry with her designer made shoes and not to mention Do It Yourself shoes!

Featuring which has made revenue early on and has grown in KL and neighbouring cities! We did not manage to connect but we do know they are kicking *censored* in the logistics industry in Malaysia! Great to provide such a service that allows people to schedule and hire lorries for transportation and daily business logistics!

After Party of Day Two!

After Party of Day Two!

Every event is not complete without a proper after party! This was no different as well! The last night after party was a blast to remember by and just by looking at the queue to the club shows the full house event!

Supper session with Warren!

Supper session with Warren!

The days in Singapore also won’t be complete without a mamak supper session with the great people! Warren Leow from MaGIC leads the round into a surprisingly good supper food, *i guess we were too hungry after the setting up and networking session!*

Partnerships in Singapore

Partnerships in Singapore

Partnership in Singapore 2

Partnership in Singapore 2

Partnerships in Singapore being pushed forward with Jong Kim and Tom, both awesome people from Singapore and fascinating thing is they all met Iz Phang before in Penang, Malaysia!

Well guys, that was the last night at Singapore and the next day was some light breakfast with future Singapore Partners for and also catchup with fellow MaGIC at our usual morning kopitiam with Ray Chung from Wonderlist, Giden Lim from Bloomthis, and Abner from Postoexpress!

See you guys!
Alvin Ooi
“Simple Augmented Reality Online Software”

Giving Life to Prints.

Playme Augmented Reality Creator Coming Soon!

Playme AR is just getting started, and we’ve receive overwhelming responses from you our eager early adopters and customers! We are very thankful and happy at the same time at the huge response! Playme Augmented Reality Creator 1.0 is coming to your finger tips soon and we’ll be allowing our early users a free 2 AR Designs (Credits) to use our platform and test them out!

Here’s a sneak peak into what our Augmented Reality Creator can do for an average joe (or marketers) like us that wants to bring digital interactivity to their prints, advertising channel and much more!

Easy Augmented Reality Creator

Features that will be available!

  • Easy Image upload functions
  • DIY Drag & Drop placement without coding
  • Custom button placement with link capability
  • Social buttons placement for social engagement
  • Color changing buttons to match the print designs
  • Alpha Channel function for intermediate users
  • Library to manage your AR Designs

These are just the start of our functions and features of the AR Creator version 1.0!
We’re getting warmed up to bring more goodies to help you make the best of AR for your personal campaign or even business campaign!

Feel free to comment below to let us know what else do you need from us!

We’ll be in contact with our registered users soon!

Press release: Malaysia’s First Augmented Reality Museum in Penang!

  • First Southeast Asian museum with interactive Hologram / Augmented Reality exhibitions
  • Both partners originate from Penang
  • Fully augmented exhibition on 12 Chinese Zodiacs


At MIPIM, its exhibitions are already more than a piece of painting on display – it is an active stage where guests are huge part of the story, without which the painting seems to take no meaning. They invite visitors to explore Penang and its traditions through a fun and interactive viewpoint, and promotes informative leisure with friends and family. In February, the museum has taken one more step further to make the visitor experience non-linear and added digital interactivity layer on the top of its exhibitions.

Just a month after Microsoft announced the futuristic HoloLens, holograms or Augmented Reality can be experienced here in Penang. Made In Penang Interactive Museum (MIPIM) and Playme AR (both originate from Penang) have partnered up to bring new interactive experiences with the help of the Augmented reality technology.

The technology known as Augmented Reality (AR) is giving life to wall arts and paintings with Digitally Engineered Animations and hologram style experience. It allows the visitors to interact with the piece of art on a new level and even take a picture with the real and virtual art. With the free Playme AR application on a handheld device (a phone or tablet), a visitor can scan paintings of 12 zodiacs and and start to interact with them, and see each of it to come to life with magic, fire and even some cheese!


AR technology:

  • Engages MIPIM visitors with digital AR holograms, making Penang stories more personal and mobile
  • Is edutainment – something that both educates and entertains for a more engaging, adaptive and fundamentally enjoyable visitor experience.


Additionally, there are six Interactive Kiosks here in MIPIM which utilise the Augmented Reality code on your entrance ticket; where different kiosks give you different ways to take photos. You can enjoy new experiences by downloading the free app into your smartphone, and start scanning the 12 zodiac specific art pieces + 5 more exciting paintings.


Chinese zodiacs

The Chinese Zodiacs are based on a twelve years cycle, calculated according to Chinese lunar calendar, where each year is represented by an animal. These 12 animal are (in order): rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and boar.

People born in a certain animal year are believed to have attributes of that animal. For example, this coming New Year is a year of goat. According to the Chinese beliefs, people born in the year of goat are tender, polite, filial, clever, and kind-hearted. They have special sensitivity to art and beauty, faith in a certain religion and a special fondness for quiet living. They are wise, gentle and compassionate and can cope with business cautiously and circumspectly. In their daily life, they try to be economical. Women born in this year are willing to take good care of others, but they should avoid pessimism and hesitation. They are kind in heart and commonly have symmetrical figures and features.




Made In Penang Interactive Museum (MIPIM) is a first of its kind in Penang. In traditional museums, the exhibited pieces seem to depict a past that is long gone, a past in which the visitor is only – well – a visitor. MIPIM however, seeks to challenge the orthodox ‘see, don’t touch’ notion of a museum; instead MIPIM generously asks you to ‘come and be a part of Penang’s history! They are open every day from 9am until 6pm on weekdays, and from 9am until 8pm on weekends and public holidays.


Playme AR

Penang based Augmented Reality creator Playme AR brings digital interactivity to static objects and environments. Create Augmented reality experiences to boost engagement with digital media (videos, animations, 3D and audio), sharing, sales, and collect leads easily with this drag&drop DIY tool!



For more information contact:

Lim Wei Ping from Made in Penang Interactive Museum ( or +60 17 798 6119)

Alvin Ooi from Playme AR ( or +60 16 421 5387).


Other potential titles for PRESS

  • Next-generation museum experience already in Penang
  • Innovation for traditions: Augmented reality for more engaging Penang stories
  • First Southeast Asian museum to embrace next-generation technology: Hologram / augmented reality
  • Malaysia’s First Augmented Reality Museum in Penang!
  • 12 Zodiac coming to life in Penang Art Museum
  • Made in Penang: Local Startup giving life to Chinese Zodiac in Made In Penang Interactive Museum!

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10 Methods to Improve Time Management Skills


Oh just look at the time… It’s almost lunch time!

There are times that we always complain about lack of time and wished we had more than just 24 hours. Especially those stressful moments when you had too much workload and there are several tasks that you need to settle for the upcoming deadline?

Or you did wondered that you can use your time effectively to complete your task without stressing over too much?

Now where is my 'stress' button...

Now where is my ‘stress’ button…

Actually, there are tonnes of methods to manage your time effectively. If you could manage your time well, you can really, really reduce your stress levels; and sometimes it even boost your productivity due to reduced stress!

Time management is a skill that everyone can learn and improve; the learning process it varies among people due to different methods/styles they approach when learning something new. It is the same as for you; find out what is the best way to learn and improve your skills!

Here are the 10 ways to improve time management skills that you can employ to manage your time effectively and increase your productivity as well.

1. Delegate Tasks:


Delegate your tasks; you will be thankful for that.

Sometimes, we tend to take up tasks that are beyond our capabilities; this eventually leads to stress and burnouts for not being able to execute the tasks effectively.

No, delegation is not running away from your responsibilities but rather, it allows you to pick up your own tasks based on your own and your co-workers’ strengths and weaknesses. This allows everyone to work on their tasks effectively and efficiently; which in turn, reduces everybody’s stress as well!

2. Prioritize Work:


Put aside low priority tasks, focus on important ones first.

Before you start off your day, write up a list of things that requires the most attention and those which are less of a priority. This way, you can focus on some top priority tasks that needs to be completed within a day; as the low priority ones can consume much of your valuable time and those can be pushed to the next day.

3. Avoid Procrastination:


Fine, I better do my work now or I won’t get it done anytime soon.

Well this might be obvious, but we tend to procrastinate at times and is bad for productivity.

Avoid procrastination at all cost since it really wastes precious time and energy; not only it poses a major problem on your carrier, it can also affect your personal life as personal tasks will get delayed indefinitely with zero progress.

4. Schedule Tasks:


Schedule your tasks so you’ll have a plan to follow.

It might sound tedious, but it actually helps since you’ll have a plan to follow.

It is best that you carry a planner, a notebook, or even use your smartphone! With that, you can easily list down any tasks that comes into your mind; at anytime and anywhere you want! For starters, you can write up a simple “to do” list before starting off your day also do keep in mind that those tasks are realistic and achievable.

From there, you can start sorting out tasks based on priority/importance and this method would be much effective if you can split the tasks based on work, home and personal stuffs.

5. Avoid Stress:


Take your time off a little while, your body and mind will thank you.

Stress, something that we face everyday; it gradually worsens if you take up more work that is beyond you abilities. This will tax up not just your mind, but your body as well; which in turn, affects your productivity.

What can you do about it? Well, you can delegate those tasks to your juniors and take some time off to release your steam of stress. Your mind and body will appreciate it and this will most likely restore your productivity levels.

6. Set Up Deadlines:


What? Tomorrow is the deadline already?

If you have any tasks to do, set up a realistic deadline and go for it! This will make you challenge yourself and bring the best out of you in order to meet the deadline. If you achieved a difficult challenge, reward yourself and you would feel like an achiever; which in turn makes you feel more motivated to complete other tasks!

In my personal experience, this really motivates me to do my work at my best. Without realistic deadlines, I tend to procrastinate more; which reduces my productivity.

7. Avoid Multitasking:


Great, now things are geting messy.

We always thought that multitasking would enable us to complete more tasks within a time frame. While this might be true on theory, but in reality, that just won’t work – it might even worsen the productivity values!

Back to square one by focusing and concentrate all your work on a single task; you’ll tend to do better with it without distractions or worries that – which definitely hamper your productivity.

8. Start Early:


Start your day early and get going!

Remember the proverb “the early bird catches the worm”? It applies in productivity matters too! When you start of your day, your mind tends to be calm, clear-headed and creative at the same time! Take advantage of this situation by thinking and planning what should you do for the rest of the day.

When the day goes on (especially after you had lunch!), the energy level tends to fall down; make you feel drowsy and less effective in thinking and executing your tasks – you’ll not be performing as well as during the morning. So yes, avoid starting your day late and plan ahead during your mornings for better productivity.

9. Take Some Breaks:


Now if I can just take my break near at the beach..

As mentioned at point number 5, stress really takes a toll on your mind and body; which reduces your productivity.

Find yourself some 10-15 minutes and take a break from your work. Some of the best stress relieving methods are: perform some quick stretches, talk a walk and listen to some relaxing music. You can even chat with your co-workers, friends or your family but don’t take too much of your time though; that would be counter-productive instead.

10. Learn to say No:


No, I won’t keep calm at all.

Admit it, sometimes we fear negative things might happen during work if you refuse additional tasks.

It is okay to refuse additional tasks if you already have tonnes of work that you’ll have to deal with. Just politely refuse the extra tasks and they will understand if you have tonnes of work to do.

To determine either you can take up extra tasks; check out your “to do” list (you should be making one already!) before agreeing to do so – this will result in less stress since you don’t have too much work in your hands.


Good luck and have fun on improving your time management skills!

Courtesy of Playme AR team!
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Augmented Reality & Hologram. Star Wars Influenced?

Yes! Are we there yet? No? Almost. From the moment we first saw the Princess Leia appearing in from of Luke and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the movie we now this is the future.


Courtesy of thegnomonworkshop

Hologram is coming into devices through Augmented Reality

Hologram or holography was first introduced by the HungarianBritish physicist Dennis Gabor (in Hungarian: Gábor Dénes), he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971 “for his invention and development of the holographic method”.  This was made possible with the invention of laser by Yuri Denisyuk in the Soviet Union that recorded 3D objects.

Now fast forward to 2014, There has been talks with combining Augmented Reality (AR) with holography concept to make hologram scalable sustainability. Imagine the possibilities of not building new specialised hologram projectors but just using market ready devices such as Google Glass, Smartphones, Smart Glasses and etc to view the AR world coupled with information ready holographic news casters and etc.

Ipad beaming out a hologram interface.


courtesy of

 Ipad beaming out a GPS-Navigation hologram.


courtesy of cultofmac

Smart Glasses with a built-in interface to engage in.


courtesy of filehippo

Some of the brightest minds in the world are already working on the next technology for the mass media format. It was mentioned by a professor called Tomi Ahonen that AR is considered the next 8th Mass Media after the Seven Mass Media. Augmented Reality is able to realize the hologram idea with google glass and much more. Here are some of the advancement in the hologram industry and technology that makes it possible to be incorporated into our daily lives in the near future.


Pepper’s Augmented Reality + Hologram Trials.


Dr. Partho Sengupta Hologram Presentation in Minneapolis


What do you guys think of the future of Hologram and Augmented Reality? Will it grow to the standards of Star Wars, or like the likes of Iron-man? Share your thoughts below!

Augmented Reality Blog Post courtesy of Playme AR
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Scubus S – Augmented Reality Scuba Diving Mask

Courtesy of Indiegogo

Courtesy of Indiegogo

Courtesy of Indiegogo

Courtesy of Indiegogo

Courtesy of Indiegogo

Courtesy of Indiegogo


Scubus S – The World’s 1st Augmented Reality Scuba Diving Mask. Equipped with heads-up display (HUD) where scuba diver able to do communication underwater, realize how depth it is, water temperature, immersion time and most importantly they are able to do chatting. It also equipped with a selection of up to 20 pre-typed messages such as “Help me now” , “Take a picture of me” , “Emergency” and many more.
All communication, group chat and others can be done via a wrist-worn remote controller. It is also for controlling augmented heads-up display (HUD).

Courtesy of Indiegogo

Courtesy of Indiegogo

How does Scubus S work?

Scubus S uses to communicate scuba diving by doing hand signals and of course scuba diving have to learn and get use to it as well. Scuba divers must be always in a constant visual contact. Unfortunately technologies such as Bluetooth, radio waves or any other wireless technology doesn’t work that well or probably doesn’t work at all. It uses what the submarines used as means of communication for decades – the acoustic wave which turns out travels underwater even better than on the surface. With Augmented Reality, this is where technology can truly shines, engaging people underwater and change the experiences.

Courtesy of Indiegogo

Courtesy of Indiegogo


  • Heads-Up Display
  • HD Camera
  • Unmute Yourself
  • Powerful System
  • LED Flashlight Technology
  • Smart Shape Form


  • Heads-Up Display: Wide Screen (16:9)
  • Weight: About 380 grams
  • Battery: Up to 40m (131 feet)
  • CPU: Dual Core CPU
  • Random Access Memory (RAM): 1 GB
  • Memory Storage: 16GB
  • Flashlight: LED Technology
  • Acoustic Signal Radius: Up to 100m (330 feet)


  • HD Video: 1080P at 30 fps and 720P at 60fps
  • Photo: 12MP
  • Angle: 135 degree wide

Unique colors

  • Megenta Coral
  • Orange Seashore
  • Pistachio Turtle
  • Marine Blue
Courtesy of Indiegogo

Courtesy of Indiegogo

10 Awesome Keyword Tool to Google Keyword Planner

Great Alternative Keyword Tool to Google Keyword Tool

Everyone is pretty much relies heavily on Google Keyword Tool (previous version) or now known as Google Keyword Planner. Playme AR is no different from others as we use a different variety of keyword tools to better position or get a birds eye view of the whole picture. I’m not saying relying on many is a good way to increase your keyword reach. It’s all down to good content and proper keyword positioning. Much of the heydays of Google Keyword Tool allow users to do much more with it and is a great free tool for much marketers but right now with its less functionality Google Keyword Planner, leaves people looking for alternatives or even using a few tool to bridge that missing elements offered by Google Keyword Tool.

Keyword research are important for making sure the content created are targeted to the right people with the right keyword. Missing this element can cost marketers by not generating the much wanted traffic when you dont include the right words or phrases that most people are searching for.

These are some of the many keyword tool we used to proper position We’ve split them into Free & Paid section for easy viewing.

  1. Google Keyword Planner (Free) – A big chunks of our keyword ideas are consists of keyword by Google, (as seen as the more popular search engine). It not only recommends keywords based on the keyword you entered it also has a traffic estimator feature which shows estimated bid prices and ad clicks for AdWords ad hence you need to register for an adwords account in order to utilize this keyword tool. It allows you to check for “exact match”, “phrase match” or even a “broad match”.
  2. Bing Keyword Research (Free) – The rival in everything Google does, it does almost the same thing as Google Keyword Planner does, but an extra feature is that it gives you a $100 credit on search advertising on Yahoo! Bing Network.
  3. Keywordtool Dominator (Free & Paid) – provides results from Google, eBay, Bing, Amazon and Google Products.
  4. Übersuggest (Free) – Übersuggest gives you a wide range of keyword suggestions and it also includes the top 10 and the ones that begin with each letter of the alphabet. 
  5. WordStream (Free) – This is one for those that are more focused on long-tails and it provides the latest and most relavant long-tail suggestions for your keyword from their database of trillons entries.
  6. (Free) – is a new tool that i personally like to use, why because it helps you to find keywords that people are typing into google search box. Another reason would be its 750 generated keywords in ordered format.

  7. Long Tail Pro (Paid) – Long Tail Pro would be the paid version of the which helps you find long-tail keywords and it also has a feature to search the keyword competitiveness. It has a lifetime license costs of $97, while additional optional features are available for $17 per month.
  8. Ispionage (Paid) – Ispionage is a competitors keyword research tool. Their price starts at $59 per month.
  9. Wordtracker (Paid) – Wordtracker is quite common and it helps you track high-performing keywords which are gathered from customers who are ready to buy. It is highly valuable to website that has a product or services to sell and able to convert. Prices start at $69 per month.
  10. Moz Keyword Analysis tool (Paid) – Moz is a well established service that gives you the top 10 websites ranking for your keyword/s and its Competitive keyword analysis metrics show you where a competitor is ready to be bumped out and swap out with your keyword. Prices start at $99 per month with the Moz premium membership.
  11. SEMrush (Paid) – This tool provides you information about your competitors’ organic and paid keywords. Prices start at $69.95 per month, or $79.95 for one month.

This are some of the tools we’ve found and regularly used in conjunction with Google Keyword Planner. Feel free to share your tools and ideas as well!


10 Project Management Tool for Home & Work | PlaymeAR

Managing projects are a pain for most people.

Project managers have to juggle a lot to ensure projects are organized whether it is a one man show or managing a group effort.  Sometimes its a wrestle to ensure multiple projects are ongoing at the optimum levels and when management goes wrong it can cost productivity and efficiency. With today’s technology, developers are innovating softwares, tools and hacks to help you organize your projects.

So below are 10 Tools to help boost project management whether at work or home. Some are used by big corporations to handle transnational team projects while other can be used for school planning and parties.

courtesy of CleverCupcakes

Courtesy of CleverCupcakes

Project Management Tools

  • HomeRoutines – Home dwellers with a full time employment and the trend of having both spouses having a full time day jobs makes daily routines at home easier and manageable than having too many focus on many aspects of the house, bills to pay, lawn to mown, baby to take care and much more. It gets more difficult when you have toddlers running around the house making more to clean up and take care. A weekly to-do list can grow into a huge mountain of impossible task when combined at the end of every weekend. Introducing you the HomeRoutines that allows you to stay on task without worrying or even keeping track of lost to-do list papers and notes which might end up you forgetting the coat that you didn’t picked up for tomorrow’s meeting.  Users can select many aspects such as daily focus, weekly or even a sets of zone for each week of the month. Give it a try and it might just save you some headache!
  • Declutter by boxing – A great tip for those that seems to always pile up junks by the end of every month. Whether it is letters, magazines, newspapers, or even our very own email inbox! This is a discipline tip/tool that can help you out in decluttering your desk/inbox/home. Prepare a box for all unimportant stuff that usually piles up and by the end of the month check it out before throwing or recycling them. This is the same with the inboxs, clean the inbox by pushing the unimportant ones into the thrash can and at the end of every month checking it out for semi-important and the rest is chucked away. This is a traditional project management self-hack.
  • Famjama – Are you experiencing organising hell, not anymore with the Famjama online organiser. It is a smart mobile site that allows users to use it from both Android or iOS. Therefore you can stay organized with whatever devices you and your family members are attached with. The app allows you to assign roles to family members or friends so that everyone can access the site and manage things. Most of the time it allows proper delegating the chores and to-do lists allowing users to keep to it in a connected way.
  • Snapguide – Ever wonder how others did that beautiful shelf, or the time where you saw someone build their own “L” shaped working desk and much more DIY hacks they achieved? With Snapguide you are able to properly follow guides from fellow successful DIY-ers and with the implementation of photos and videos of the projects your are encouraged to pursue that DIY made shelf! Whether it is for food, beauty, or home it is all available at the comfort of your smartphones.
  • Houzz – This is something i like, interior designs! Houzz is a platform to browse and save beautiful home photos. The place to gather the right inspiration and construction professionals contacts to make those designs possible. It does not only serve as a place to connect with other home design enthusiasts but also with home improvement professionals and enthusiasts. All around the world and with 20 million strong members. Its a great tool for that renovation you’ve procrastinated so long.


Courtesy of Kirill Kedrinski
Courtesy of Kirill Kedrinski

Project Management Tool

  • Trello – “Trello is an online tool for managing projects and personal tasks. That may sounds rather prosaic. But this increasingly popular app often inspires the sort of passion usually reserved for consumer apps like Pinterest or Instagram. It’s the kind of business software that slips into businesses through the backdoor, just because individual employees like how it works.” (Techcrunch)
  • Podio – If your on the go almost most of the time then podio is a great tool for you. It allows users to view all of their task in one place with their software running on almost all platform from desktop, mobile to tablet. Their features allows you to create workspaces where you can mark off completed tasks, assign projects, share files and even auto-generate comments between teammates. Non-developers rejoice as Podio has a drag-and-drop feature that saves time and allow personal customization. It only $9 per user per month. Cheap for an all-in-one project management tool for small firms.
  • Flow – One summary of how flow is to users. Simplicity. Having lots of features are one thing, getting things done without the hassle of learning the loads of features softwares have, Flow definitely is the one to go for simple interface. This allows managers to assign, organize and prioritize tasks and at the same time control who can see what. This allow outside freelancers to get access to the team’s project pipeline while being limited to their own tasks. Flow is able to schedule and best of all it has a month view interface to plan things out.
  • PlanetSoho – PlanetSoho started out to serve the small business owners and freelancers with a proper business all-in-one solution system for them to freely run their business and not worry bout the paperworks. It has a 14-day trial and covers business owners from filling, drafting, and auto-sending online invoices. They will also send paper invoices if thats the method you prefer.  The company software also has a project management, inventory system control, customer relationship management (CRM), email and much more. This is truly a one-stop business system for one-man entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Well this is the end, we hope you guys enjoy this article and if there’s any other tools feel free to share with us in the comments below.


Go around in Tokyo with augmented reality Penguins

Ever been travelling and always end up holding a map or looking at the subways map for more directions to your destination? Never be lost again if your destination is Tokyo Sunshine Aquarium. How so? Because you now have augmented reality penguins to guide you to the aquarium in Tokyo!

Sunshine Aquarium is a state of the art metropolitan aquarium located inside the Sunshine City of Tokyo. Finding your way to the aquarium can be a little tricky for foreigners and the management decided to use their main attraction “Penguins” to guide you through the busy roads of Tokyo to its doors.

Sunshine Aquarium

With this idea, they decide to tackle the geographic location challenge with a rather cute approach of using the augmented reality penguins to guide its visitors to the aquarium!

Penguins Playme AR


The app is called ‘Penguin Navi’ with the “navi” word meaning GPS for Japanese locals. The app uses a very smart idea of superimposing the reality around you with 3D penguins moving in front of you instead of arrows that we usually see in the Garmin GPS inside our cars. This idea was founded long before Playme AR was founded and really amazes the team with its simplicity and kawaii-ness.

How did they do the augmented reality penguins?

Penguins Playmear

What the AR team did was fairly simple, they set up cameras and capture the walking motion of the real penguins and  mimic them into computer generated graphic format. This allows the users to experience the augmented reality penguins walking in front of them guiding them as if the penguins were there!


Was it successful? It did increase the visitor attendance with a whopping 152% to its statistics. This is also another example how AR is changing the lives of the people in the rising sun, Japan. It is just going to get better! Stay tune!

Video Showcasing the Augmented Reality Penguins in Action!

Penguin NAVI – Sunshine Aquarium

Virtual Reality Technology VS Augmented Reality Technology

Virtual Reality Technology Differences From Augmented Reality

First before we go over to the war on which is better and more advance, lets go through a little bit of history first. Virtual reality technology and augmented reality technology does not differ much from each other. Virtual Reality Technology was first introduced in the 1860s, when a 360-degree art was painted to showcase a panoramic mural view. This is seen in the Baldassare Peruzzi‘s piece titled, Sala delle Prospettive. It is not until 1980s when Jaron Lanier coin the term “Virtual Reality”.  From that day on we can see 3D 360 view of street views by Google Street View in 2010 (Google Street View was introduced in 2007), SEGA releases the Sega VR-1 motion simulator arcade attraction in 1994 in SegaWorld.

Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual reality Technology recently made famous with Kickstarter crowd funded project called Oculus Rift that was acquired by Facebook to further improve the device and inject more funds to get the VR device on the market shelf. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said “We’re going to focus on helping Oculus build out their product and develop partnerships to support more games. Oculus will continue operating independently within Facebook to achieve this,” at the initial announcement. While Virtual Reality Technology sees a high interest in the gaming industry it is promoted in the movies such as Gamer starred by Gerard Butler. Virtual reality technology allows gamers to immerse fully in the digital world as if there were inside the game. This is thought of since the beginning of the 3D game creation back in the 90s.

Aside from gaming, Virtual reality technology also allows other practical implementations such as controlling robots on Mars, military training in pilots, marines and much more. In the health industries doctors can replicate complicated surgeries with virtual reality to better prepare them and also in education where kids and students can immerse in the human body to see how the heart beat and brain functions.

Virtual Reality is separate from Reality while Augmented Reality is enhancing Current Reality.

Regarding what is augmented reality, it really is digitalised reality overlaying our current reality. Just imagine Iron-Man HUD system in his iron suit and thats what it like to have augmented reality coming alive in our real life. With the amazing mobile apps allowing more augmented reality powered systems to make more things possible with augmented reality such as Wikitude, Layar, Zappar, and of course Playme AR! There is almost an unlimited possibilities to use augmented reality with the real life usage and industries.

Playme Augmented Reality Example

Playme Augmented Reality Example

Imagine the possibilities of Augmented Reality that will be able to guide you when your driving, walking towards the airport gate, through the city to find right restaurant.  Augmented reality technology is a little flexible where it does not bring the viewer to a separate reality and away from the current reality. There is also an app World Lens that translate text on the fly and is acquired by Google. With that in motion more and more developers are creating augmented reality experiences with statistics shown that AR will keep on growing.

playme augmented reality statistics

playme augmented reality statistics

Here’s a little  video of Virtual Reality and Playme Augmented Reality Video to end the post and what do you think of both the virtual reality technology and augmented reality technology fair? Keep a finger cross and hope the future is going to be as exciting as it can be!


Virtual Reality : Oculus Rift.

Playme AR Video

Hope everyone likes the comparison and as excited as we are of both virtual reality technology and augmented reality technology! See you guys soon!

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