Have you ever wondered how mugs and t-shirt have pictures that are hot-printed into them? DIYPrintingSuppy.com has been around for quite sometime and they are known for their do-it-yourself type of printing products and supplies. Imagine if you can have your own Souvenir Gift Printing Set and do it yourself for your friends and family! 

DIY Printing Set

DIY Printing Set

Gifts printing were previously thought be industrial made only, but now it is as simple as purchasing a set of printing set and supplies. You can also see the mug printing machine that is simple to implement into any rounded surface. The printing machine can also print on phone casing and all memorable items!

Iphone Casing

Iphone Casing

Another example of DIYPrintingsupply.com that just printed the images and photos onto an iphone casing. There is a few ways to printing the images onto different surfaces. How do you print images onto different surfaces? I will share with you the different methods on printing onto t-shirts and much more. 

Sublimation Printing:

Sublimation printing allows you to apply the inks through high temperature & pressure in 1 minute onto dryfit, jersey, polyester, microfiber and etc. It can also be used on coated surface such as coated mugs, plates and much more. Sublimation printing uses the sublimation ink & also sublimation paper in the printing process. 

Check out the video from DIYPrintingsupply.com.


Transfer Printing:

This is probably the more common on fabrics such as polyester tee, caps, cotton tees and etc. This method uses a printing style that uses the pigment ink and transfer paper in the process to transfer the design onto the fabric surface. Transfer papers comes in two different types which are separated by a light-based for white colour T-shirts and dark-based transfer paper for colour T-shirts. We were told from DIYPrintingsupply.com that they uses ATT brands original transfer paper. 

Check out how to transfer printing:


Vinyl Printing: 

Vinyl is also another famous method used on different type of materials and is somehow similar that it uses its own vinyl transfer films such as PUGlitterReflective, Hologram or Flock types of materials. Vinyl printing is usually limited to a colour of printing. The steps are such; artwork is designed then outline is sent to a vinyl cutter/plotter to cut. Next step would be to remove the unwanted vinyl to be heated onto the fabric. 

Check this video for Vinyl Printing:

So feel free to contact DIYPrintingSupply.com for the starter pack for your family to enjoy together or even for your particular school and also colleges. Having such machine can help in fundraising for a certain campaign as the need is only manual labour and initial investment. Hope you enjoy yourselves and talk to you guys soon!