Ever been travelling and always end up holding a map or looking at the subways map for more directions to your destination? Never be lost again if your destination is Tokyo Sunshine Aquarium. How so? Because you now have augmented reality penguins to guide you to the aquarium in Tokyo!

Sunshine Aquarium is a state of the art metropolitan aquarium located inside the Sunshine City of Tokyo. Finding your way to the aquarium can be a little tricky for foreigners and the management decided to use their main attraction “Penguins” to guide you through the busy roads of Tokyo to its doors.

Sunshine Aquarium

With this idea, they decide to tackle the geographic location challenge with a rather cute approach of using the augmented reality penguins to guide its visitors to the aquarium!

Penguins Playme AR


The app is called ‘Penguin Navi’ with the “navi” word meaning GPS for Japanese locals. The app uses a very smart idea of superimposing the reality around you with 3D penguins moving in front of you instead of arrows that we usually see in the Garmin GPS inside our cars. This idea was founded long before Playme AR was founded and really amazes the team with its simplicity and kawaii-ness.

How did they do the augmented reality penguins?

Penguins Playmear

What the AR team did was fairly simple, they set up cameras and capture the walking motion of the real penguins and  mimic them into computer generated graphic format. This allows the users to experience the augmented reality penguins walking in front of them guiding them as if the penguins were there!


Was it successful? It did increase the visitor attendance with a whopping 152% to its statistics. This is also another example how AR is changing the lives of the people in the rising sun, Japan. It is just going to get better! Stay tune!

Video Showcasing the Augmented Reality Penguins in Action!

Penguin NAVI – Sunshine Aquarium