Thinkware has introduced its navigation system called “iNavi X1″ which embedded with augmented reality technology includes advanced driving assistance system (ADAS).  It is integrated with a cutting-edge driver system, during its launch event in Seoul on December 1st.

Thinkware AR’s solution called “Extreme AR” provides direction such as real-like roads images and information about routes.  Therefore, drivers won’t have to worry about finding their way/direction or getting lost any longer. It comes with the ADAS features and functionality that includes lane departure warning system (LDWS). The LDWS system will warn the driver when their vehicles begins to move out of its lane as well as the system will notifies the driver of the movement lanes.

It is also comes together with high precision features like “Extreme Air 3D”, the real 3D map, and “Drone View” which provided by the Extreme 3D.  Meanwhile, the “Drone View” gives a clear aerial view of the road direction and understanding of routes. Availability:  The iNavi X1 is determined to be launch on December 8th, and the retail  price still remain unknown.

Thinkware president Lee Heung-bok said, “With the iNavi X1 that embodies 17 years of technical know-how, we’d like to lead the navigator market in the new year.”

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Credit: Korea Bizwire

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