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10 Methods to Improve Time Management Skills


Oh just look at the time… It’s almost lunch time!

There are times that we always complain about lack of time and wished we had more than just 24 hours. Especially those stressful moments when you had too much workload and there are several tasks that you need to settle for the upcoming deadline?

Or you did wondered that you can use your time effectively to complete your task without stressing over too much?

Now where is my 'stress' button...

Now where is my ‘stress’ button…

Actually, there are tonnes of methods to manage your time effectively. If you could manage your time well, you can really, really reduce your stress levels; and sometimes it even boost your productivity due to reduced stress!

Time management is a skill that everyone can learn and improve; the learning process it varies among people due to different methods/styles they approach when learning something new. It is the same as for you; find out what is the best way to learn and improve your skills!

Here are the 10 ways to improve time management skills that you can employ to manage your time effectively and increase your productivity as well.

1. Delegate Tasks:


Delegate your tasks; you will be thankful for that.

Sometimes, we tend to take up tasks that are beyond our capabilities; this eventually leads to stress and burnouts for not being able to execute the tasks effectively.

No, delegation is not running away from your responsibilities but rather, it allows you to pick up your own tasks based on your own and your co-workers’ strengths and weaknesses. This allows everyone to work on their tasks effectively and efficiently; which in turn, reduces everybody’s stress as well!

2. Prioritize Work:


Put aside low priority tasks, focus on important ones first.

Before you start off your day, write up a list of things that requires the most attention and those which are less of a priority. This way, you can focus on some top priority tasks that needs to be completed within a day; as the low priority ones can consume much of your valuable time and those can be pushed to the next day.

3. Avoid Procrastination:


Fine, I better do my work now or I won’t get it done anytime soon.

Well this might be obvious, but we tend to procrastinate at times and is bad for productivity.

Avoid procrastination at all cost since it really wastes precious time and energy; not only it poses a major problem on your carrier, it can also affect your personal life as personal tasks will get delayed indefinitely with zero progress.

4. Schedule Tasks:


Schedule your tasks so you’ll have a plan to follow.

It might sound tedious, but it actually helps since you’ll have a plan to follow.

It is best that you carry a planner, a notebook, or even use your smartphone! With that, you can easily list down any tasks that comes into your mind; at anytime and anywhere you want! For starters, you can write up a simple “to do” list before starting off your day also do keep in mind that those tasks are realistic and achievable.

From there, you can start sorting out tasks based on priority/importance and this method would be much effective if you can split the tasks based on work, home and personal stuffs.

5. Avoid Stress:


Take your time off a little while, your body and mind will thank you.

Stress, something that we face everyday; it gradually worsens if you take up more work that is beyond you abilities. This will tax up not just your mind, but your body as well; which in turn, affects your productivity.

What can you do about it? Well, you can delegate those tasks to your juniors and take some time off to release your steam of stress. Your mind and body will appreciate it and this will most likely restore your productivity levels.

6. Set Up Deadlines:


What? Tomorrow is the deadline already?

If you have any tasks to do, set up a realistic deadline and go for it! This will make you challenge yourself and bring the best out of you in order to meet the deadline. If you achieved a difficult challenge, reward yourself and you would feel like an achiever; which in turn makes you feel more motivated to complete other tasks!

In my personal experience, this really motivates me to do my work at my best. Without realistic deadlines, I tend to procrastinate more; which reduces my productivity.

7. Avoid Multitasking:


Great, now things are geting messy.

We always thought that multitasking would enable us to complete more tasks within a time frame. While this might be true on theory, but in reality, that just won’t work – it might even worsen the productivity values!

Back to square one by focusing and concentrate all your work on a single task; you’ll tend to do better with it without distractions or worries that – which definitely hamper your productivity.

8. Start Early:


Start your day early and get going!

Remember the proverb “the early bird catches the worm”? It applies in productivity matters too! When you start of your day, your mind tends to be calm, clear-headed and creative at the same time! Take advantage of this situation by thinking and planning what should you do for the rest of the day.

When the day goes on (especially after you had lunch!), the energy level tends to fall down; make you feel drowsy and less effective in thinking and executing your tasks – you’ll not be performing as well as during the morning. So yes, avoid starting your day late and plan ahead during your mornings for better productivity.

9. Take Some Breaks:


Now if I can just take my break near at the beach..

As mentioned at point number 5, stress really takes a toll on your mind and body; which reduces your productivity.

Find yourself some 10-15 minutes and take a break from your work. Some of the best stress relieving methods are: perform some quick stretches, talk a walk and listen to some relaxing music. You can even chat with your co-workers, friends or your family but don’t take too much of your time though; that would be counter-productive instead.

10. Learn to say No:


No, I won’t keep calm at all.

Admit it, sometimes we fear negative things might happen during work if you refuse additional tasks.

It is okay to refuse additional tasks if you already have tonnes of work that you’ll have to deal with. Just politely refuse the extra tasks and they will understand if you have tonnes of work to do.

To determine either you can take up extra tasks; check out your “to do” list (you should be making one already!) before agreeing to do so – this will result in less stress since you don’t have too much work in your hands.


Good luck and have fun on improving your time management skills!

Courtesy of Playme AR team!
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Pepsi Max – “Time Tunnel”


Pepsi Max has now targeted many unsuspecting people with their interactive ads on the street. This action was taken place a tunnel at the London Bridge which  targeted unsuspecting commuters with unbelievable AR experience involving images of robots, and dinosaurs. It appears suddenly in front of them seemingly from nowhere.

Previously, Pepsi Max had created 2 augmented reality campaigns:

1. Bus Shelter | Oxford Street, London.

2. Halloween Prank in London Cinema.

The Time Tunnel Stunt, from AMV BBDO; a creative agency based in the UK featured augmented reality technology and stereo projection to make the animations appear in front of any passerby. Animations which including  sound effects and full lighting were make them shocked when they saw lights flickering. Scary augmented things such as roaring dinosaur, cyborg in action and  a flying UFO were there in the display screen. The reactions and responses from the passerby were tremendously brings an amazing experience. It is also to give them an unbelievable moment in their day.

This is the latest segment of the “Unbelievable” campaign of Pepsi Max which started on 5th December 2014. This online film called “Time Tunnel”, which is now available on the Youtube official channel of Pepsi Max. The campaign was created by AMV BBDO and Grand Visual (same agency who did the augmented reality “Bus Shelter” earlier this year).  The video was produced by HSI, and Freuds handled the PR. Now the video has been viewed over more than 2,520,000 views after 5 days the video uploaded.

Watch their reactions in this video:

What are your thoughts?

Do you want to feel the kind of unbelievable experience? Do you think using augmented reality technology, Pepsi Max can draw some attention of getting more consumers? Feel free to share us your views and thoughts about Pepsi Max in the comments section below.

US Postal Service with Augmented Reality

The US Postal Service (USPS) has unveiled an augmented reality (AR) app as a part of highlights of a new holiday campaign. The objective of US Portal Service is to attract more business from direct-mail marketers.  USPS customers are able to use the app to scan around 156,000 blue collection boxes throughout the country into a holiday mobile experience. The boxes are available in around the corners of the town or city. Thus, people can have this great experience anywhere they like.


User must download the USPS AR App in order to be able to view the augmented effect. With augmented reality technology, user will be able to see a “magical mailbox” message such as dancing penguins, flashing holiday lights and followed by reminders to order shipping boxes and stamps. The Postal Service will provide a different animation each week when the users are scanned the blue mail collection boxes with this app.

Credit: WashingtonPost

Credit: WashingtonPost

Use of AR by the Postal Service

The Postal Service started to use this augmented reality technology in late 2013 and tested it on the year 2014 through different campaigns, which including one of the campaigns focused on the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″. USPS already started their promoting the AR feature with mailers to every U.S. household. Start download this app and at least give it a shot to scan the blue mailboxes that are located different city or town.


The USPS AR app is available at iTunes App Store or Google Play, for users who are interested to give it a shot.

Download it (iOS and Android):


What are your thoughts? What do you feel about that?

Are you going to download the USPS AR App? Is it useful and helpful for you? Feel free to share us your views and thoughts and leave in the comments below.

Credits: and

Augmented Reality Blog Post courtesy of Playme AR
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Navigation System “iNavi X1″ with Augmented Reality (AR)



Thinkware has introduced its navigation system called “iNavi X1″ which embedded with augmented reality technology includes advanced driving assistance system (ADAS).  It is integrated with a cutting-edge driver system, during its launch event in Seoul on December 1st.

Thinkware AR’s solution called “Extreme AR” provides direction such as real-like roads images and information about routes.  Therefore, drivers won’t have to worry about finding their way/direction or getting lost any longer. It comes with the ADAS features and functionality that includes lane departure warning system (LDWS). The LDWS system will warn the driver when their vehicles begins to move out of its lane as well as the system will notifies the driver of the movement lanes.

It is also comes together with high precision features like “Extreme Air 3D”, the real 3D map, and “Drone View” which provided by the Extreme 3D.  Meanwhile, the “Drone View” gives a clear aerial view of the road direction and understanding of routes. Availability:  The iNavi X1 is determined to be launch on December 8th, and the retail  price still remain unknown.

Thinkware president Lee Heung-bok said, “With the iNavi X1 that embodies 17 years of technical know-how, we’d like to lead the navigator market in the new year.”

What are your thoughts about iNavi X1?

Feel free to share your views and thoughts in the comments below.

Credit: Korea Bizwire

Augmented Reality Blog Post courtesy of Playme AR
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2014 Christmas Coin with Augmented Reality

Credit: CoinNews

Credit: CoinNews

Hohoho! Santa Claus is coming to town. Christmas Day is coming soon!

This 2014 “Season’s Greetings” Christmas coin from Perth Mint of Australia released incorporates an “augmented reality” feature which allows the coin to be transformed into a multimedia portrayal of Santa Claus via your smartphones or tablets.

The multimedia portrayal can be experienced using the free DAQRI application. But first, a user must download the free DAQRI application from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. With DAQRI application, users are able to watch the story of Christmas come alive on the coin, the experiences of delightful imagery as well as sound effect of Santa delivering the Christmas coin by holding their device’s camera over the reverse of the coin.

Credit: Perth Mint

Credit: Perth Mint

The 2014 50c Christmas Silver Proof Coin from Perth Mint of Australia with a Christmas-themed coin “augmented reality” feature. This video demonstrates how the “augmented reality” feature appeared on the Christmas coin using via smartphones or tablets.


DAQRI application available on iTunes App Store and Google Play.


Packaging and Ordering

Credit: Perth Mint

Credit: Perth Mint

Each coin reach at place encapsulated, housed in a display case and set within a custom-designed Christmas-themed shipper that accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. All the instructions are included in the packaging.

The 2014 50c Christmas Silver Proof Coin may be ordered from the Perth Mint of Australia. For more info, please visit Perth Mint product page.  No more than 5,000 of the 2014 Christmas 1/2 oz Silver Proof Coins will be released.

What do you think?

Feel free to share your views and thoughts about this Christmas-themed coin from Perth Mint of Australia. Happy December Everyone!!!


Augmented Reality App Pyro – Burn It All!

Source/Credit: DynamicDust

Source/Credit: DynamicDust

Source/Credit: DynamicDust

Source/Credit: DynamicDust

Waiting for so long to watch your boss’s car destroy? With “Pyro” you can do whatever you want. It is a fun simulation game where you can watch your boss’s car burn down and this might help you to fulfill your dreams in AR world.

It is a very innovative augmented reality app where you can use your fingers to create fire effects on the screen and burn everything that you wanted as well. Awesome right? No limitation!

This augmented reality effect will be magnify when you add sound effects and modify the size of fire effects and explosions.


The app is now available for iOS smart devices. Suitable for iOS 7 or later.  Get this app now to see the fire and explosion effects around you!

CHECK OUT PYRO! Download it and play now.


What can “Pyro” do for you?

  • Create chaos
  • Set the world on fire (virtually)
  • Able to add fire effects to the image from your camera.
  • Able to draw fire effects using fingers in real time.
  • Realistic feeling and looks real explosions.
  • Able to resize and modify the fire and explosion effects.
  • Cool sound effects included with camera sounds
  • Share your “HOT” videos via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and email as well.

What are your thoughts about Pyro?

Feel the heat and burned? What are you waiting for? Download the app now and share with your friends. Feel free to leave your views and thoughts in the comments below.

Credit: DynamicDust


Augmented Reality & Hologram. Star Wars Influenced?

Yes! Are we there yet? No? Almost. From the moment we first saw the Princess Leia appearing in from of Luke and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the movie we now this is the future.


Courtesy of thegnomonworkshop

Hologram is coming into devices through Augmented Reality

Hologram or holography was first introduced by the HungarianBritish physicist Dennis Gabor (in Hungarian: Gábor Dénes), he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971 “for his invention and development of the holographic method”.  This was made possible with the invention of laser by Yuri Denisyuk in the Soviet Union that recorded 3D objects.

Now fast forward to 2014, There has been talks with combining Augmented Reality (AR) with holography concept to make hologram scalable sustainability. Imagine the possibilities of not building new specialised hologram projectors but just using market ready devices such as Google Glass, Smartphones, Smart Glasses and etc to view the AR world coupled with information ready holographic news casters and etc.

Ipad beaming out a hologram interface.


courtesy of

 Ipad beaming out a GPS-Navigation hologram.


courtesy of cultofmac

Smart Glasses with a built-in interface to engage in.


courtesy of filehippo

Some of the brightest minds in the world are already working on the next technology for the mass media format. It was mentioned by a professor called Tomi Ahonen that AR is considered the next 8th Mass Media after the Seven Mass Media. Augmented Reality is able to realize the hologram idea with google glass and much more. Here are some of the advancement in the hologram industry and technology that makes it possible to be incorporated into our daily lives in the near future.


Pepper’s Augmented Reality + Hologram Trials.


Dr. Partho Sengupta Hologram Presentation in Minneapolis


What do you guys think of the future of Hologram and Augmented Reality? Will it grow to the standards of Star Wars, or like the likes of Iron-man? Share your thoughts below!

Augmented Reality Blog Post courtesy of Playme AR
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Use Google Search Effectively

Google Search

Searching something using Google Search is really simple; one simple search and you already found what you’ve wanted within the first page – Google is also getting smarter day by day with updates (just hope they don’t emerge as Skynet).

But then again, there are times that you don’t really get what you want. Especially those hard-to-find information that is buried deep in the Internet; you’ll need more than just simple sentences to use Google Search effectively.

A study in 2011 at Illinois Wesleyan University reveals that fewer than 25% of their students could perform a “reasonably well-executed search”. I’m pretty sure that only a small percentage of Google Search users can search effectively as well.

Dig out all the information you want by using all these special keywords and you’ll be searching at Google much more effectively in no time!

Be Specific:

When searching something with specific information; you’ll have a higher chance to uncover what you want.

  • If you want to search anything from a particular website, add in “site:“, the domain of your choice, and the query. Example: searching “ events” will return you webpages of Augmented Reality Trends that contains the keyword “events”.
  • You can also search for sub-domains of a website using the first tip by adding a forward slash, and the page name. Example: searching “” will return you posts from Augmented Reality Trends which are from the “Virtual Reality” category.
  • You can even find posts from your favorite authors by adding in the “author: ” tag. Example: “author: Brian Ashcraft” (don’t forget to add in the space after the colon!). Also, you can search for a particular genre: “(genre) author: (author)“.
  • The “intitle:” tag is really helpful if you are struggling to find what you want; it displays results that contains the keyword. Example: “intitle:augmented reality“.


Searching something with a particular file format in common? You can add in “filetype:” after typing in your query to narrow down your searching scope!

  • If you want to search any Photoshop files for example: type in “filetype:psd“.
  • You’re not just limited to image files, you can search for document files as well! Like “docx”, “pdf” and so on!

Broadening Your Search:

If you want to search something in general, the asterisk (*) is a powerful wildcard that can be useful!

  • Since it is a wildcard, it can fill in the blanks your queries. Example, “cats are *” can return you results from “cats are funny” to “cats are evil“. Yes, cats can be really, really funny and can be evil too.


These are only some of the keywords that you can use to improve your search results and get what you want; there are more ways you can search effectively in the Internet.

Why not you try digging out more information on how to search Google much more effectively; using those techniques that you’ve just learnt?

Do keep in mind that Google will add and change those search methods in the future though. Happy Google searching!

PhotoMath App – Solve Math Problems

PhotoMath / Credit: Microblink

PhotoMath / Credit: Microblink

Some students love maths so much, but some of them don’t love it. Is it solving maths and equations problem are so difficult even thou you are owning a calculator? But what if you could use smartphone in the classroom to solve your maths and equations problem? That would be great if students could bring their smartphone to school. There’s a secret behind PhotoMath.  PhotoMath is a free app which instantly solves math problems using your smartphone  cameras. This app uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to detect and read the maths equation and instantly displays the correct answers. It is really helps a lot and very useful for students who have issues to solve the mathematical problems.

PhotoMath / Credit: WindowsCentral

PhotoMath / Credit: Windows Central

PhotoMath app has its limitation to calculate and solve math problems. For now, PhotoMath app only can hold basic math problems such as fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations, and several functions like logarithms. You can position the math problem you want to solve within the red frame and then instantly pop-out an answer.

PhotoMath / Credit: Microblink

PhotoMath / Credit: Microblink

Here is a video demo to show you how PhotoMath app really works.

To see how PhotoMath’s cool in action, watch the video below:


PhotoMath is a free app and available for both iOS and Windows Phones. Android version will be released next year – 2015. If you haven’t try out this PhotoMath App, then it is time for you download this app and help your kids to solve the math equations much easier and simpler way.

Download available at:


What are your thoughts about the PhotoMath app?

Do you think this PhotoMath App will help young generation in the future? Do you feel it is very useful for the students or will it make students become unwilling to study? Feel free to share us your thoughts and views in the comments below.



Westpac Augmented Reality (AR) Banking App

Courtesy of Westpac

Courtesy of Westpac

Courtesy of Westpac

Courtesy of Westpac

Courtesy of Westpac

Courtesy of Westpac

Do you find yourself keep spending and spending until you have no money left? By the way, most people do not track what they are spending for and may not realize as well. Spending is fun right? In this matter, Westpac New Zealand has launched its 1st mobile app with augmented reality called  “Westpac Augmented Reality (AR)  Banking App” for customers. With augmented reality technology, it become much simpler to manage your money. It is a mobile app which users are able to manage their bank account without doubt. All customers were asked to name  a banking service and has to set up the app once the app is downloaded. The bank will deliver their best digital banking experience to the customers.

Westpac Augmented Reality (AR) Banking

It uses augmented reality technology and its 3D imagery to check credit and debit card balances, view history transactions and spending locations, able to categorize spending period and other features. This app gives an ease to use to customers as they are always driving change and transformation through their uptake of new technology which is become their needs and acts. Both Westpac Visa and Westpac Mastercard can be used on Augmented Reality Banking App.


  • Check credit and debit card balances
  • View history transactions and spending locations
  • Able to categorize spending period
  • Make payments
  • Alerted when the payments are due
  • Find the closest Westpac NZ branch and ATM Global Alliance machine

All features use 3D imagery and bring them to life with information.

Advantages of Westpac Augmented Reality (AR) Banking App

  • Customers will be able to understand their money spending patterns after using of this app.
  • Customers will be able to view their available balance (debit and credit)
  • Customers will be able to see the last 5 purchases done from their credit card account.

*Note: The AR app is available only on any iOS smart device and can be downloaded from the Apple Store.


What do you think?

Do you think this augmented reality technology helps the customers make payments much better and easier? Do you like to use this app?
Feel free to share us your thoughts.

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