Pepsi Max has now targeted many unsuspecting people with their interactive ads on the street. This action was taken place a tunnel at the London Bridge which  targeted unsuspecting commuters with unbelievable AR experience involving images of robots, and dinosaurs. It appears suddenly in front of them seemingly from nowhere.

Previously, Pepsi Max had created 2 augmented reality campaigns:

1. Bus Shelter | Oxford Street, London.

2. Halloween Prank in London Cinema.

The Time Tunnel Stunt, from AMV BBDO; a creative agency based in the UK featured augmented reality technology and stereo projection to make the animations appear in front of any passerby. Animations which including  sound effects and full lighting were make them shocked when they saw lights flickering. Scary augmented things such as roaring dinosaur, cyborg in action and  a flying UFO were there in the display screen. The reactions and responses from the passerby were tremendously brings an amazing experience. It is also to give them an unbelievable moment in their day.

This is the latest segment of the “Unbelievable” campaign of Pepsi Max which started on 5th December 2014. This online film called “Time Tunnel”, which is now available on the Youtube official channel of Pepsi Max. The campaign was created by AMV BBDO and Grand Visual (same agency who did the augmented reality “Bus Shelter” earlier this year).  The video was produced by HSI, and Freuds handled the PR. Now the video has been viewed over more than 2,520,000 views after 5 days the video uploaded.

Watch their reactions in this video:

What are your thoughts?

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