PhotoMath / Credit: Microblink

PhotoMath / Credit: Microblink

Some students love maths so much, but some of them don’t love it. Is it solving maths and equations problem are so difficult even thou you are owning a calculator? But what if you could use smartphone in the classroom to solve your maths and equations problem? That would be great if students could bring their smartphone to school. There’s a secret behind PhotoMath.  PhotoMath is a free app which instantly solves math problems using your smartphone  cameras. This app uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to detect and read the maths equation and instantly displays the correct answers. It is really helps a lot and very useful for students who have issues to solve the mathematical problems.

PhotoMath / Credit: WindowsCentral

PhotoMath / Credit: Windows Central

PhotoMath app has its limitation to calculate and solve math problems. For now, PhotoMath app only can hold basic math problems such as fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations, and several functions like logarithms. You can position the math problem you want to solve within the red frame and then instantly pop-out an answer.

PhotoMath / Credit: Microblink

PhotoMath / Credit: Microblink

Here is a video demo to show you how PhotoMath app really works.

To see how PhotoMath’s cool in action, watch the video below:


PhotoMath is a free app and available for both iOS and Windows Phones. Android version will be released next year – 2015. If you haven’t try out this PhotoMath App, then it is time for you download this app and help your kids to solve the math equations much easier and simpler way.

Download available at:


What are your thoughts about the PhotoMath app?

Do you think this PhotoMath App will help young generation in the future? Do you feel it is very useful for the students or will it make students become unwilling to study? Feel free to share us your thoughts and views in the comments below.