Playme AR is just getting started, and we’ve receive overwhelming responses from you our eager early adopters and customers! We are very thankful and happy at the same time at the huge response! Playme Augmented Reality Creator 1.0 is coming to your finger tips soon and we’ll be allowing our early users a free 2 AR Designs (Credits) to use our platform and test them out!

Here’s a sneak peak into what our Augmented Reality Creator can do for an average joe (or marketers) like us that wants to bring digital interactivity to their prints, advertising channel and much more!

Easy Augmented Reality Creator

Features that will be available!

  • Easy Image upload functions
  • DIY Drag & Drop placement without coding
  • Custom button placement with link capability
  • Social buttons placement for social engagement
  • Color changing buttons to match the print designs
  • Alpha Channel function for intermediate users
  • Library to manage your AR Designs

These are just the start of our functions and features of the AR Creator version 1.0!
We’re getting warmed up to bring more goodies to help you make the best of AR for your personal campaign or even business campaign!

Feel free to comment below to let us know what else do you need from us!

We’ll be in contact with our registered users soon!