Augmented reality has been around for quite some time. The future of augmented reality is getting hotter and will only get even hotter as time pass by.

Augmented reality is flexible and as powerful as a pen in the mind of an artist!

  • Make use of a 3rd reality.
  • More flexible than QR Code.
  • Engaging & Interactive.

The introduction of augmented reality to the world can be coined as early as 1901 by L. Frank Baum which was called as “character marker” by mentioning the idea of an electronic display/spectacles that overlays data onto real life.  Fast-forward many years later to 1980, Steve Mann creates the first ever wearable computer, a computer vision system that allows text and graphical to be overlaid over a photographically mediated reality or now as we called it “Augmented Reality”. It was ten years later that Tom Caudell a former Boeing Researcher that coined the term “Augmented Reality”.

With the introduction of “Google Glass” by Google developed by Google X overseen by Sergey Brin. Augmented Reality (AR) is getting recognition around the world with Toshiba creating their own AR glasses, Epson’s Moverio BT-200, Vuzix glasses which are gonna be launched by Lenovo in China and also worth mentioning wearable glasses startup META Spaceglasses.

Types of Industries able to utilises the augmented reality (AR) experiences.

  • Advertising / Marketing
  • Arts
  • Charities
  • Museum
  • Automotive
  • Creative
  • Education
  • Leisure, Travel & Tourism
  • Packaging
  • Publishing – Magazine
  • Publishing – Newspaper
  • Publishing – Other
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Student
  • Technology
  • Others

There has been statistics that shown with AR contents with interactive contents and engagement are increased by 87% of the time. This can be Museums showcases, Arts movement to bring 2D masterpieces to life and also the tourism industries that can be alive with AR videos to showcase the Maldives or the hawaiian beaches.

What are the common uses by our customers with AR?

  • Adding interactive video on newspapers adverts.
  • Attaching videos & button links on educational books to showcase more examples.
  • 3D content of the real estate property to showcase the end results.
  • Adding a way to bring Arts to come to life with AR experiences.
  • Automotive industries can give the car subjects 3D value to proper showcase the project.

These are just a few of the unlimited possibilities of what AR can be done to bring 2D prints to a fully augmented reality experience.  So what do you think of the much more possibilities of AR, feel free to comment and share below.