QR code to be replaced by better image recognition softwares!

A very sentimental quote from the creator of QR code Masahiro Hara to Matthew Sparkes (Deputy Head of Technology) of Telegraph at the European Inventor Award 2014. He mentioned that better image recognition software will probably render QR code behind in the image recognition software industry. This is true as with the invent of “Google Glasses” and other exciting image recognition software like Playme AR Creator. 

Masahiro Hara invented the Quick Response QR code in 1994 from a simple problem solving to the increasing amount of information needed to stored on a paper label. Traditional One-dimensional barcodes (such as the one you see in everyday products) have been around for more than two decades, however the amount of content that is able to be stored is around 20 alphanumeric characters. Mr Hara and his team, with the invent of QR were able to increase this 250 during their two years of research. 

QR code

QR code scanned by passerby.

His invention did not go to vain as the world now knows the limitless capability of image recognition to be used by various industries from travel, manufacturing, education and everyday life in businesses is amazing. Playme AR was also invented to further bring the image recognition a step further, in social, advertising, education and much more. Therefore we would like to express our congratulations to Mr Hara and his team for a great invention and help shape the world we know it today. 

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