What kind of web browser are you currently using? Internet Explorer? Apple Safari? Mozilla Firefox? Opera Browser? Google Chrome?
As we know, everyone knows Google Chrome is fast, light, secure and ease of use. If you are SEOs, internet marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs, use these extensions on your Chrome to identify how well a website’s search traffics and rankings are. All these features will helps you to perform the online marketing tasks much simpler. It will help you to get more closer to Google Chrome as well (Download Google Chrome). As a result, here are the list of Top 5 SEO’s Google Chrome Extensions.

1. SeoQuake

This SEO extension is absolutely reliable for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,  Apple Safari and Opera that will give you a very quick outlook about the topic and site depending on what you are searching for. This will also help you to get some of the stats for your search result as well as including number of index pages in Google and Bing,  SEO parameters, Alexa Rank, Facebook Likes and Twitter tweets.

Courtesy of SeoQuake

(Download SeoQuake)

2. SEO for Chrome

This “SEO for Chrome” extension is almost similar to “SeoQuake” The difference is; it provides SEO tools, all reports and statistics which are very details such as number of indexed page, backlink status, traffic status, rankings, social media status and etc. This addon also gives you very quick and fast look at website insight and displays all regarding the details of cached and domain.


(Download SEO for Chrome)

3. Woorank

I would recommend to anyone to use this extension “Woorank”. It is a SEO & Website Analysis which gives a lot of aspects and more detailed about SEO report depending on what website you are searching and analyzing for. This tool displays a specific information such as technical stuff (META data, Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt implementation) and also regarding web statistics that contains: SEO basics, visitors, social media status, mobile rendering, links, security, backlinks, technologies and etc.


(Download Woorank)

4. MozBar

MozBar is a great extension too. It helps to show you the load and process time of a website, backlinks and alexa ranks. Very easy to access and user-friendly wise. You can do custom searching whenever you want too, and there will be a quick bar review on the bottom of each website link. It also includes detailed metrics with SERP Overlay and analysis page.


(Download MozBar)

5. Open SEO Stats – Formerly known as PageRank Status

An ease to use extension called “Open SEO Stats” known as All-In-One type extension; which includes to access the Google PageRank (PR), Alexa Ranks, and other specific features. Features such as indexed pages, Whois, IP address, backlinks, cached pages, socials and etc are the key for you to use this tool effectively.  It is so great to help you become more essential.


(Download Open SEO Stats)


If you are SEOs, internet marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs use these extensions to help you greatly in SEO. Why not try it all? Do you use any other SEO’s Chrome extensions? Let us know on the comments section below. Feel free to mention any of these extensions.