The US Postal Service (USPS) has unveiled an augmented reality (AR) app as a part of highlights of a new holiday campaign. The objective of US Portal Service is to attract more business from direct-mail marketers.  USPS customers are able to use the app to scan around 156,000 blue collection boxes throughout the country into a holiday mobile experience. The boxes are available in around the corners of the town or city. Thus, people can have this great experience anywhere they like.


User must download the USPS AR App in order to be able to view the augmented effect. With augmented reality technology, user will be able to see a “magical mailbox” message such as dancing penguins, flashing holiday lights and followed by reminders to order shipping boxes and stamps. The Postal Service will provide a different animation each week when the users are scanned the blue mail collection boxes with this app.

Credit: WashingtonPost

Credit: WashingtonPost

Use of AR by the Postal Service

The Postal Service started to use this augmented reality technology in late 2013 and tested it on the year 2014 through different campaigns, which including one of the campaigns focused on the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″. USPS already started their promoting the AR feature with mailers to every U.S. household. Start download this app and at least give it a shot to scan the blue mailboxes that are located different city or town.


The USPS AR app is available at iTunes App Store or Google Play, for users who are interested to give it a shot.

Download it (iOS and Android):


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