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Connecting digital layer with existing offline ads
to increase engagement with the consumer,
as a result, generate more leads and boost sales.


Playme AR app that allows users to scan digital content
and enjoy augmented reality experience via smart devices.
You can also create your own AR campaign with our
AR creator with just simple drag-and-drop features.


Playme AR is a startup based in Penang, Malaysia.
We have received MSC status and currently building our
network with 2 agencies and 2 partners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
that might help you.

Playme AR creator F.A.Q

How to log in to AR Creator ?
Logging into our page is quite simple. Please click on either log in or sign up on the top left of the page ( Image Sample ).

Too Complicated? Try these solutions :
Click here to Register (if you don't have an existing account).
Click here to Log In (if you already have an existing account).
How can I upload a new project using the creator ?
Once you've logged into our creator, just click on the add new button as shown here (Image Sample ).

Next step is setting up a project name. The project name only accepts non-capital letter, numbers and dash (e.g. new-project) [Image Sample ]. You can skip on leaving it blank if you want and we will assign you a randomized project name. If either way is chosen, just click on the Start Creating (Image Sample ) button.

The last step is uploading the image that you want to be scanned by our apps (we usually calls it the Tracker). Click on one of the three options that we gave you [Image Sample ] (image supports JPG, PNG and GIF with image filesize up to 800 KB is our recommendation). Lastly as a side note, the bigger the file, the longer it takes to upload the images and also, your internet connection will also affect the speed of the upload too.
I have accidentally deleted my project ! What should I do ?!
In case of deleting project accidentally, send us the details of your project that was deleted and we will revive it as soon as possible.

You can go to the Contact Us section and tell us either or both of your project name or the time when you deleted it (It doesn't need to be the exact time but do tell us roughly e.g. "around 15 minutes ago").

Here is a sample :

Deleted project : new-project-79
Time of deletion : around 3 minutes ago

Please redo the project deletetion for me, Thanks.
I have published my project, but I can't test it right away !
Our service will need to take 10 minutes of process time to ensure your tracker to be scannable by our apps.

Once you have published your project our page will tell you the remaining time of our process so that you can test to scan the tracker immediately. (Image Sample )
Save Project vs. Publish Project. How does it works?
Save Project means that we save every objects (video , buttons and custom buttons) positions.

Publish Project is a process where we process your tracker to be scannable. This is the most important process that is needed to be executed in order to make your project is scannable by our apps.

Still un-satisfied? Let us explains it further.

1. Publish Project Do Not save your project's object positions.
2. Once Save Project function is initiated, you Cannot get any results from your scans in our apps if you Did Not published it beforehand.

In summary :
A. You will need to Upload the project first and then save the page after objects has been arranged in order to make your tracker to be scannable and able to shows the results like shown in creator.
B. You can also Save the project beforehand and then Publish the Project afterward to make the tracker become scannable and able to shows the results like shown in creator.

Playme AR apps F.A.Q

How to save images after taking photo
Once the apps has finished loaded, click on the taking picture icon in the center of the Playme AR apps.
Why is the AR content not loading?
There are a few reasons possibilites that is possible for this matters:

1. Internet Connection Problem (Stuttering Internet Connection)
In this case, try using a better wi-fi connection or get a better internet coverage area to ensure a better experience in using our apps.

2. Playme AR apps is not yet updated
In this case, go to google apps or itunes to update our apps.

Let's keep in touch!

+604 - 6371314

79-1, Persiaran Mahsuri 1/3,
Sunway Tunas, 11900,
Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia.

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